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Email Marketing Benefits For Artist

Every new artist looks for ways to improve their fanbase. The ways that you develop your fanbase may vary depending on who you are, but at the same time, most artists find themselves in the same situation. Without a lot of money, from companies that will take a large percentage of your profit at the end of the day, it’s hard to find good marketing strategies to increase your fanbase on your own. Now, if you want to go out and spend thousands of dollars so that your new record is on TV stations, radio stations, or promoted on the top pages of YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, then, by all means, spend that money. But, if you’re not looking to empty out your bank account, then you will want to give email marketing a go.


📨 Email Marketing Has to Be Something Every Artist Has

Think about it, sending out thousands of emails, in less than an hour, to potential fans, showing them exactly where to go to listen to your content, and being able to reach them in a way that will open up new opportunities for future content when it’s released. Wow! That’s a lot to take in, so let’s break it down. All of this and more can be accomplished just by doing email marketing. It doesn’t take a genius to put the numbers together and tell you that everything you could achieve by spending thousands of dollars with other Marketing Systems can be accomplished by spending less than a hundred dollars with email marketing.

            Some people may say, “Well, Email Marketing is fine, but it takes a lot of time considering how many people you can reach and how many will actually click on the link.”

“Well, Email Marketing is fine, but it takes a lot of time considering how many people you can reach and how many will actually click on the link.”


To be fair this is true, but you also have to play the numbers game. Coming from an avid gambler (yeah, I’m not afraid to admit it), you have to be aware of the numbers when you’re placing your bets. Think of it like this, you go to a club and see a person who has multiple hookups, and you ask them how they were able to successfully pick up multiple people in a short amount of time. There are two answers that are usually given. The first one, years of practice, but the second one, is numbers.

           🎰 So let’s think like a gambler. You bet high on every hand, and eventually, you’re going to win. Just like a new restaurant goes door-to-door place in their menus on your doorknob. You will send out your new content to all of those emails. For every person who throws that menu away without looking at it, there can be just as many people who are interested. Now, being realistic about the situation let’s look at it like this, if you send out 1,000 emails a day in less than an hour, all you need is 1% to actually click on the link. That’s 100 new views per day, 3,000 new views per month, and 36,000 new fans per year. All of those new fans and all you had to do was put in less than an hour per day. Could it be any quicker and more effective than that?


Email Marketing Offers Each Person the experience of being Able to Interact With You On a Personal Level 🤝

The best way to engage with a fan while not being too direct in the initiation. When you create an email marketing campaign, what you do is create emails targeted explicitly towards certain people. Targeting these emails to particular individuals gives you the opportunity to contact them personally as an artist. Think about it, how many artists will have the chance to say that they talk to their fans directly, or if they are personally responsible for sending out their content by hand.

            Most artists have an A&R team whose job is to do this for them or company reps that handle these situations. This is great for a broad market, but it is also impersonal and expensive. If you have a few thousand dollars sitting around then, by all means, have at it. Otherwise, think about this, wouldn’t you love to get an email specifically from Beyoncé, Drake, or whoever your favorite artist is? If for no other reason, it’ll be a sweet bragging chip when you talk to your friends. Be like “Hey, guess who just got a message from Beyoncé today, yeah, me and her go way back.”


Connecting With Your Fan Base on a Personal Level Will Also Give You The Opportunity to Build Relationships That Last Longer Than Music.

            Think about the fan base of Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Eminem, J. Cole, or any of these other popular artists who’s been out a while. The one thing you can say about all of them is that their fanbase will go to hell and back for them. They’ve built a fan base that is loyal, will buy damn near anything that they put out, and that will also work as a team to inform other people of the material that they release. Not to mention being able to have that loyal fanbase go to war for you on social media when things don’t seem to be going right. If you want to know what I mean by this, take the time to go on a social media account and say anything bad about any one of those artist mentioned above. Then come back and tell me how that works out for you in the end. Their loyal fanbase will rip into you for every small comment that you made, and they will not be kind about it. You will be called every name except for the one on your birth certificate.

Also, it’ll be good to think about this, when you look at artists nowadays, and how they released their music, most of them don’t even have promotions on television or top internet sites. However, those same albums go platinum and double platinum. So, how do they do it? Simply put, email marketing or some form of it. Their fans get emails to their accounts telling them that their favorite artists new album were just released because they subscribed to their Twitter, Instagram, or subscribe to their personal websites.

These personal websites send them direct messages to their email accounts or their cell phones letting them know of new products or new tours in their town. This is email marketing, think about J Cole and Eminem, two artists who released platinum-selling records without doing any promotions. How did they do it? Because their fans are up-to-date on everything that they do through their email accounts and social media accounts. That’s why their shows always sell out, that’s why their albums are double and triple platinum, and that’s why they’re still successful. If you play your cards right, you could be too.