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How To Get The Most Out Of Instagram Insights

You may have heard that marketing is part art part science. What does this mean? Basically, it means that you need to be creative, but also know how to measure the results of your creativity to confirm that you aren’t wasting your time and money.

Instagram Insights allow you to do exactly that.

Here’s a quick tutorial to help you understand the basics of the platform.

Step 1.

 Get an Instagram Business account

In order to use Instagram Insights, you’ll have to have a business account set up. If you already have a personal account, you can switch over by doing the following-


  • If it’s not already, switch your profile over to “public”.
  • Tap the gearshift icon on your profile page to access your settings and tap “switch to business profile”.
  • Once prompted, connect a Facebook page to your brand. If you don’t already have one, just set up a new one.
  • Look over your changes, including your contact information- which may or may not change depending on what type of business you run.
  • When satisfied, tap “done”.


Step 2.

View your insights

You can view your insights by tapping on the icon that looks like a bar graph. You’ll see a few marketing metrics listed-


  • Impressions- Each time a user views your ad, it is considered an impression. It’s important to know that users can view your ad more than one time, so never assume that the amount of impressions = the amount of viewers.
  • Reach- This tells you how many unique users saw your Instagram post.
  • Website Clicks- this tells you how many times the link in your business profile has been clicked on. You only get one link- so make sure it is your most important one!
  • Profile Visits- This tells you the amount of times your Instagram profile has been visited. Similar to “Impressions” users can view your profile more than one time.
  • Followers- This tells you how many followers you’ve gained or lost over the week, which is pretty useful. But it gets better. Instagram Insights ALSO tells you what time of day most of your followers are active- which tells you the best time to post content in order to get maximum engagement.


 Step 3

 Look at insights on your individual posts


  • Likes- Somewhat self explanatory. This metric tells you how many likes your post got. Since users can only like a post once- you can assume the amount of likes and unique users are the same.
  • Comments- Shows how many comments your post has. Users may comment more than once. When it comes to comments, watch for ones that are specific- and pertain to what your post is about. Generic ones like “nice shot!” “love” and similar meaningless things typically come from bots and spam accounts. Don’t bother interacting with these accounts. When you get a meaningful comment, always capitalize on it. Like the comment- reply to it, follow the user and even direct message them if appropriate. Never waste an opportunity to build a relationship.
  • Saves- The number of unique users who saved your post. The “save” button is the icon that looks like a bookmark- and is an option that appears next to the comment and like buttons. Saves are relatively more rare when compared to likes, follows and comments. When you get a save- be sure to follow up with whoever did it.
  • Actions- This tells you how many actions a user took after seeing your post. “Actions” include liking, commenting, following, saving, etc. This metric is a good way to measure how engaging your post was.
  • Discovery – This metric is super useful for marketers, because it tells you exactly WHERE your content was discovered. You can differentiate between whether your post was discovered in a user’s home feed, a search, your profile, a location tag, or a hashtag.


 And there you have it. You are now armed with the basic tools needed to understand Instagram Marketing.

Happy testing!