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How To Optimize Your Soundcloud Tracks & Profile for Better Discovery

Top 7 Improvements To Optimize Your Soundcloud Profile

  • Song Name
  • Tags
  • Fan Engagement
  • Online Presence
  • Edit Multiple Tracks at Once
  • Image & Description
  • Use Spotlight To Manage Songs & Playlist Order


What to Look for When Adding Tags

When you’re getting ready to tag your music, your goal is to inform your listeners of the kind of music that you make. When you make music, don’t you want them to be able to find it from search engines like Google? If yes, then when you’re tagging your song you’ll want to make sure that you are using tags that are specific to your genre.  Long story short, don’t create a tag that leans to smooth jazz when you are trap rapper and try to stay away from tags that specify something about your genre that isn’t included in your song. If your beat is calm, then don’t emphasize and EDM Style tempo because this will only confuse certain people and turn them off to your music and make them think that they’ve been lied to.

You want to emphasize your songs. Choose words clearly that tells the meaning you’re trying to make in your song. A few tags can lead certain people to your music, but those same tags need to be able to let them know “Hey this is the music that you’re looking for.” If it isn’t the music that they’re looking for, then they will not want to listen to your music at all. Choose your words wisely, and make sure that they are something that has meaning to the lyrics or instrumental. If you’re talking about love, hate, betrayal, devotion, whatever, make sure that your tags make this point clear and that you choose multiple tags that fit that song.

Think about this, Ginuwine, (an old school singer, and maybe ahead of your time) released a song entitled “Differences.” What’s my point? Well, if you ask people what song is that, most would know the song but not be able to answer your question. Why? Because most people think the name of the song is “My whole life has changed,” not “Differences.” For all of the younger people out there, think of it this way. If Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” song was named “Prada Everything,” would it make sense? I mean the man literally says Gucci throughout the whole song, where does Prada fit in?

It’s more than likely that you’ve seen artist tag their music with unique sayings and phrases that are specific to them. An artist like 69, Drake, Famous Dex, Beyoncé, etc. will use tags that says something about who they are, so that their fans no that they’ve posted new music. An OVO tagged video will lead you to Drake, or TreyWay will lead you to 69, or Beehive or Queen B will lead you to Beyoncé. These tags are unique, and they are specific to an artist. Basically, when you see these tags, you know for certain that these artists have posted new music, or the music that is posted has something that has to do with them. So, when you’re creating a tag, try to create something that’s unique to your name or your brand. Don’t do something so basic that everyone is doing it, but don’t do something so unique that it confuses the people who are looking for it.


Choose Song Name Wisely

Undoubtedly one of the worst things that you can do when trying to figure out a name for your song is being overly complicated or overthinking the situation. A song named should be based upon the song and the lyrics involved with making the song. So, when you’re trying to make a song, don’t try to be extra about the situation. We get it, you’re a very deep and brooding personality who reads horoscopes on a daily basis, but Soundcloud just doesn’t care. I know, it’s so unfair, but in retrospect, when people try to search for that song on Soundcloud, they won’t find it.

The most important thing you can do is stay away from combination words. These words are used with some sort of symbol or letter in between them. Like using an (X) instead of the spacebar because you think it looks cool. It may look cool to you, but when your fans are trying to search for your music, they will not be able to find it. Soundcloud search system is not based upon your group chat. Yeah, your friends may know what you mean when you use different letters or symbols to express your emotions, but Soundcloud doesn’t. They will think whatever you put down is what you meant to put down.

Think of using “SoxxInxxLovexxWithxxYouxx” instead of “So in love with you.” You may know what it means, but your fans will have to search for it the way you put down to find it. So, be simple, while using the spacebar whenever necessary, and above all remember, when people are searching for your song they will use lyrics in your song to figure out the name, like mentioned above.


Stay Engaged with Your Fans

When you’re interacting with your fans, it’s important to keep them informed of any new content that you have coming out. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post your new content updates on your social media accounts in your website, but you should also interact with your fans and let them know about what you have planned. This interaction will keep them informed, but it will also build a relationship between you and your fanbase that will go further than a mere fan/artist relationship. You can have many fans who like your music, but it’s the die-hard fans that you build relationships with that will consistently by your music, merchandise, and show up to your tour stops.

The biggest things that you want to make sure that you’re doing when you comment with your fans is let them know that they are appreciated. This wording can be used in many different forms, but the message that should get across is, “thank you for your support, and I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me.” This little reminder to your fans will give them the added boost needed to continue to support you. A lot of artists have fans that are devoted to them as people and not to them as musicians. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to comment to every person who comments on your music, it doesn’t mean that you have to be aware of every situation, and it doesn’t mean that you have to be friends with all of your fans. What this means is, let them know that the support that they’re showing you is not going unnoticed, which will make them feel good about you and your content.

The last thing that you will need to be aware of when commenting and engaging with your fans is to answer their questions. A lot of fans will have questions based on your content and everything that they’re getting from it. The last thing that you want to do is ignore them. Ignoring your fans, especially when you’re first starting out, will lead to them wanting to distance themselves from you. This distance will not keep them away from your content, but it will keep them away from paying for your albums, showing up at your concerts, and basically giving you the revenue that you need to be successful.

So, make sure that you’re answering their questions when needed, let’s be realistic, some of them are completely ridiculous, and you have no obligation to answer those kinds of questions. I mean really, we all have seen those trolls on artists page’s saying stupid stuff for like, but for the true fans that do follow your content, make sure that they have all the information needed. And above all, have fun with it. Just because you’re answering questions doesn’t mean that you have to be super serious all the time. Soundcloud is a form of social media, have fun, joke around, and let your personality/persona lead the way when engaging with fans.


Have a Consistent Online Presence

Something that you should have done from the very beginning is to link your social media accounts. Everyone will be able to know how to reach you and how to follow your content more effectively. But, the biggest thing about linking your accounts is this, if you don’t do it, then someone else can and probably will. This will lead to a lot of confusion, and it will turn a lot of fans off when trying to get in contact with you or stay in contact with your content. We’ve all seen multiple fan pages of stars that we didn’t know we’re fan pages. We’ve also seen more than our share of catfish situations where people pretend to be certain artists just to get recognition and money. Don’t let that happen to you, because in the end, especially if you’re just starting out, you can lose a lot of fans.

One of the biggest mistakes that many new artists make it is not keeping a consistent theme. We all have multiple different social media accounts, each account from a different platform, and some from the same platform. Like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can use these different Platforms in multiple different ways, but at the same time don’t be confusing about it.

In other words, don’t have your Twitter present you as one way, and your Instagram has people seeing you in a totally different way. Like a huge mind screw. All this will do is confuse your fans and basically have them saying “What the heck is going on?” So, if you present yourself on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in a certain way, then make sure you have that same presence on your Soundcloud account. Your music and content should be a reflection of what you’re trying to present and not be something completely different on every platform.


Edit multiple tracks at once

Uploading tracks can be a difficult process if you are not able to do a final edit before you press that upload button. The final edit will let you know if everything is in the right place, and if all the tracks are in a singular group. When you upload, you are messing with the settings, the tags, the artwork, and the settings. All of which makes a track, or multiple tracks, a playlist, an EP, or a simple group of songs that you love dearly. Trying to find the balance can be difficult, on some websites but not Soundcloud. Soundcloud has created the ability for musicians to focus on their music and fixing problems that arise later, after the initial upload.

After your tracks are uploaded, you are given the opportunity to edit your tracks very easily. It’s not really a complicated situation when you’re trying to update your Tracks. All you have to do is go on your account and then click on your tracks That you want to edit, once that is done During to do everything that you wanted to do all your life. Not everything that you wanted to do all your life, but you get the point. You will be able to add everything that you want to a single track, or multiple tracks at once if you are trying to create a playlist, an EP, or anything else.


Make Sure to Have the Right Image and Description

Images are used on most songs nowadays. Let’s be real, if you think about a popular song that you’ve found on social media, is there not an image that accompanies it? Matter of fact, why don’t you take a second to Google one of your favorite songs, don’t worry I’ll wait… Now that image is stuck with you forever (insert maniacal laughter). Some musicians hire artists to create images that will lead fans to a song and let them know what the song is about. Sites like (DesignerMixtape) create images for artist all the time. Think about Instagram, a lot of music is posted on Instagram with images that are specific to the song or the artist. Now, understand that not every song needs a unique image, but if you are able to get images for each of your songs that will let your fans know what your songs are about, then it definitely couldn’t hurt.

Adding a description to your songs is very important. These descriptions let your fans know the mentality that went behind the music. All songs are described now, and to be fair most of the descriptions are interesting. We read these descriptions, and it gets us interested in the song. Some descriptions are posted on sites with links to the song, and from these descriptions, we actually have a sense of what the music is going to be about, which in turn makes us want to listen to it more and maybe anticipate the video. If you think a description isn’t important, then the only thing you need to know is this, if you put in the bare minimum of effort, expect the bare minimum of views in return.


Use Spotlight to Manage Songs and Playlist Order

Keep an eye on your song plays. This will let you know which of your songs is the most popular with your fans. This song will be your bread and butter and lead to getting more recognition from people who don’t know your music. You use this song as a way to say “Hey, if you want to get familiar with my music, then here listen to this.” It’s the song that everybody thinks is the most popular, so realistically, it will also be the song that will lead more fans to your Soundcloud page.

Also, try to create a playlist. These playlists should consist of your most popular music and be featured when mentioning most of your content. We’ve all seen artists who have a playlist of their greatest hits and their songs that their fans supported the most. The songs are used on radio plays, backdrops to music videos, some artists even use some songs at the beginning of music videos to another song, just to give their fans a taste and keep the interest up for the new content. Playlists are great nowadays considering how many fans listen to a playlist while doing a number of things. We all have our cleaning playlist, our workout playlist, or our we’re bored playlist.

Once you have established which of your songs are the most popular, and you have created a playlist that is based on these songs, then you can move on to arranging your Soundcloud content in a way that will place these songs at the top of the list. The great thing about Soundcloud is that is that they offer you a tool called “Spotlight” that can be very useful when trying to manage your content. Think about it like this, when you go on a social media site of your favorite artist, and they have some content that is pinned to the top of their page. Spotlight allows you to take your music and playlists and place them on your page in a way that will showcase your most popular music and give the fans a glimpse of your content.