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Mixtape Upload Distribution

Upload Mixtapes on The Top Sites With Just The Click Of A Button!

Get your music published, promoted, and recognized on some of the top mixtape sites on the internet. Sites like, Datpiff, MyMixtape, Spinrilla, and more. Your music will be published in a matter of hours without having to go through the taxing user applications that most sites will have artist fill out. If you are looking for a way to bypass all of the drama and time-consuming applications just to get your music on today’s mixtape sites, then this is the service for you. If you dont mind the hours mixtape uploads take then check out our list of 18 sites to upload your mixtape for free

Now, you may have a lot of questions about this service from the start. Questions like, “What exactly is this service, how does it benefit me, and what will they need from me?” to answer those questions let’s start from the top.

Mixtape Upload ServiceWhat exactly is this service?

This service is for mixtape upload, which is there to benefit every artist who’s trying to get their music on a hosting website without having to go through the hassle of dealing with the applications. Most, if not all, hosting websites require artists to fill out an application before they are able to post their music for their fans. These applications have to go through a process of being accepted or denied which takes time, and if you are denied, then you have to reapply for the same application. I shouldn’t have to tell you how annoying this could be for an artist who’s just trying to get their music out there, and this service is for those artists. I mean really, how hard should it be to upload your mixtape?

How does it benefit me?

So, when you are trying to think about all the ways that the service can benefit you, then all you have to really understand is how valuable your time is. Would you rather have your music posted within 24 hours of finishing your newest mixtape, or would you want to submit application after application until it’s finally approved which could take days (or weeks if you get declined)? On top of this, they will also post your mixtape to multiple different sites and not just a singular website. This benefits you by simply spreading your music to many different places, which will allow many different people to listen to it, and to give you an opportunity to gain more views and fans.

Think about it, how long it will take you to go out and fill out applications for multiple different sites, wait for those applications to get approved, and then have to upload your music to each site. If you hire this service, they’ll do all the work for you; uploading your music on all of these sites, and all you would have to do is create your content.

What will they need from me?

Lastly, when you think about everything that they will need from you, all you would have to remember is this. What they will need you to do is submit your mixtape, and tell them the date that you would like it released. It’s as simple as that. The content that you create can be released right away (the same day that you higher this service), or they will release the content on the day that you provide.

So in other words, if you decide that you want to release the content on a later date (so that you can build up some promotion for it, or prepare your fans for the music that you are about to release) then you can let them know ahead of time and they will release it on the date that you provide. Think about it like this, it’s not only an amazing aspect of the service, but it’s also a great way to game-worn notoriety towards the music by having your fans prepared for its potential release, which in this case is nothing less than a win-win situation.

 Upgrade Your Mixtape!

Speaking of promotions, if you decide to go with the upgraded package of this service, then you will also be able to get an added promotional deal along with everything else. Yes, if you are looking for a way to grow your music and get it into the hands of a new and larger fan base, then this situation could not be better for you. Get promoted on their website Tophotmuzik, and on their Instagram page.

Not only will you have a chance to avoid the hassle of filling out all of those applications, and not only will you be able to get your music released on many different platforms at once, but you will also be able to get your music promoted in the process, which will lead to more views and streams. This upgraded package is especially beneficial to new artists who are just starting out, but even to veteran artists who are in need of little assistance with their promotions and getting their music out to different people.

Where do I begin?

So, without waiting any further to contemplate all the reasons why this service can benefit you (because at this point it should be blatantly clear), you should go ahead and give it a try. Think about everything that you will gain, all the stress that you leave behind, and with the upgraded package all of the extra benefits that many other services don’t offer. By obtaining this service, you’ll be leading your career down a path of success that you could only imagine in your wildest dreams. Just below is a button that will lead you to the product page (where you can sign up for the service), and just below that are the terms of service. Look over the terms of service and see the last little bits of information that you will need to know to be a success.

Terms of Service

There are NO bots involved, only manual distribution. One of the most important benefits of the services is that they will not hand off your content to some Bot and let them do all the work. This service is done manually by the distributor, and it will be handled personally for your convenience. Basically, what this means is that the service will not come across as spam, or as unimportant. When they handle the service personally, they make sure that they do everything particular and that they handle any necessary problems that can arise. Think about it like this, wouldn’t you rather put your music in the hands of someone who understands how important it is to you, and who would do everything in their power to make sure that the service is successful?

No pay-per-play. The service will upload your music to the streaming site without the complications of a pay-to-play situation. Think about all the times that you wanted to listen to your favorite artist music and you went to a streaming site that uploaded it, but just to play a song, you would have to buy it or pay for the streaming. This service will make sure that your music is available no matter the situation and keep your fans loyal to what you’re offering.

Will always show give you confirmation of work. They are offering you the proof of work. This basically means that no matter what they do, they will make sure that they share a URL with you, which will lead you to the work that they’ve completed. So, whatever site that they upload your music to, they will share a link to that site, so you can personally see that what they said they’ve done, they’ve actually done. Our service also extends to be upgraded package. If you get the upgraded package, then you will also be able to see your content promoted on the website and the social media accounts. You’ll be able to go to these URLs and see all the interaction that your music is gaining, and if you so choose, you can also interact yourself with the fans that comments on your music, building relationships and extending your fanbase further than just a passing interest.