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Facebook Likes – social network tool to promote business

Over the period of time , social networking sites have become very popular with the common rank and file . Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest are indeed very popular but honestly , it is Facebook that has got the maximum number of visitors since everyday facebook followers are increasing by leaps and bounds because one can log in to facebook using his mobile phone at any point of time 24X7.

While selecting facebook as a marketing tool , and devising indigenous strategy to utilize the same for business purpose , one can not neglect the “like” option on the face book page .In fact ,getting plenty of Facebook likes on the Face book page should therefore be part of the marketing strategy. The reasons behind choosing this parameter for marketing strategy are the following :

1. People always have a tendency to follow the crowd . People prefer to visit those sites which are most popular before they actually read it. Having lots of Face book fans always gives a lot of credibility to those sites. The more ‘likes’ one gets the more famous he looks.

2. Marketers and promoters will start paying attention to you

3. One can promote his products or services to a very large customer base once it is established that he has plenty of ‘likes’. People who already ‘like’ the particular page are generally willing to receive promotional communications from the page owner.

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