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So why would you want to buy soundcloud likes? soundcloud plays are important, but soundcloud likes is where people actually judge if a track is worthy of listening to. Likes show how much people are actually interacting with your music. You can have a million plays on soundcloud but without any likes just looks  like listening to your track would be a waste of time. Likes not only boost your track it also shows you have a fan base and a core following, people who are dedicated into listening to your music.

want to build a core fan base?

Increasing your soundlcoud likes with SocialTurnUp not only grows your following but actually increase your track rank on soundcloud charts. the secret to boosting your track rank on the soundcloud charts is a combo of soundcloud plays, likes and downloads if your interested checkout out our soundcloud combo package here

Not only do we deliver the highest quality of soundcloud likes we deliver them fast as well, super fast within 24 hours! Great way to get your track viral.