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They Didn’t Know.

They didn’t know that when you’re a no-name artist on SoundCloud, the majority of your momentum has nothing to do with the content you post.

It’s all about how you interact with the SoundCloud Community.

We’d like to teach you how to do exactly that, and net your first 10k followers in 3 months.

And no, not fake “bot” accounts. Real fans that give a shit about what you do.

Why is everyone In the same boat?

There’s two possible reasons.

  • They are terrible musicians, and don’t deserve to have a following
  • They’re musicians, not marketers.

The Same Thing Over And Over And Expecting Different Results

Many artists put their heart and soul into a track. They tweak little plugin settings. They lose big amounts of sleep.

And then, when it’s FINALLY time to post their masterpiece on SoundCloud- they do the unthinkable.
They do literally* nothing. They post their track, and then walk away.
A few days later, they return to SoundCloud and see that their 100 + hours of work have netted them 5 followers.
Curse words are heard. Lots of them.
They think, “maybe the track wasn’t good enough”.
So they work on a second track.
Then a third.
Then a fourth.
When all is said and done they’ve got about 25 followers, and a lot of frustration.