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Start Ranking on Soundcloud with Little Effort

Get your Soundcloud ranked in a week, build up a consistent stream of comments and engagement on your track, and gain multiple views and comments in a short amount of time. Using this service, you’re guaranteed to skyrocket into the top rank on Soundcloud with no problems at all.

If you’re looking for a way to gain a higher level of engagement with your fans, or you’re trying to get more people interested in your music, then you may have just stumbled across your best bet to do all of that and more. Look, we’ve all seen those accounts on Soundcloud that has thousands of fans and hundreds of comments, and if you’re serious about your craft, then I’m sure you have wished once or twice that one of those accounts could have been yours. Think about the benefits and everything else will fall into place. Being able to make music that a ton of people will buy, being able to promote your brand, and becoming a household name. What’s not to fantasize about?

You’ll be able to get a Soundcloud Repost on an account with over 25,000 followers. You can expect more views and comments on your songs. Think about all of the benefits that these views and comments can offer you in the future.

*One of the accounts we use is

Hip Hop Crowns is a Hip Hop Entertainment blog. We have partnered with writers and other like minded industry professionals. The channel has over 25,000 followers.

Having this kind of engagement with your fans will give you the opportunity to increase your notoriety and also learn more about the industry that you are a part of.

Let’s be realistic

Having a profile with little or no engagement will not offer you much when you’re trying to build your stardom. Can you think of an artist that has no engagement with their fans but is popular in the industry? Better yet, Can you think of a fan base that would willingly stay around when they’re not getting anything resembling communication with the artist that they’re following? I could rack my brain for hours thinking about these 2 questions, and no artist or fanbase would ever come to mind. So, getting this service for your song could only be beneficial for building a strong engagement with your fans.

How will a repost build this engagement for me?

To be honest with you, the answer is simple; when they repost one of your songs on their profiles, the sheer amount of fans that will listen to your song and comment on it will be overwhelming. Think about it, can you imagine hundreds, or thousands, of fans going to your song, not to mention the fact that they all will be interested in the type of music you make. Socialturnup thrives in promoting artists in the Hip-Hop industry; it’s what they do. Now, picture all of that hard work and dedication working for you.

With everything that you will gain from this service, it’s not hard to see how it could lead to you ranking on the Soundcloud charts. Being up there with the likes of Travis Scott, Trippie Redd, and Post, there’s not much more publicity that you can gain than that. Hell, I’ve seen artists getting that kind of respect on their name and using that to push their career to a new level. Think about all of the artists that got big off of one of their singles reaching the top charts. Just from that alone, you could build a career. So, when you’re thinking about getting this service on one of your songs, think about all of the places that it could lead you and you’ll see that it’s a win-win situation. More fans listening to your songs, commenting on your songs, and that attention leading to the top of the


When will my order start?

That’s a good question to ask from the jump, but what you need to understand is that what you want is the best amount of views that you can get, not the quickest amount. So, when you’re going after this promotion, what they will do is start posting your content when they have a free spot on their page.

Basically, what this means is that they’ll fit you in at the best possible time. Think about it, would you want them to post your music quick, which could cause it to get lost in the bottom, and cause the fans not to see it. No, right? So, to get it in the best possible place to gain you the views that you want, it will take a maximum of 2-5 business days.