YouTube Shockwave Package

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Get Your Songs On Popular Music Blogs

It’s a dream come true to get your music noticed and on as many music platforms as possible, but the truth of the matter is that the big sites are only interested in major artists who really draw in money.

It takes extreme notoriety to get on music blogs such as Complex, Vladtv, and Hotnewhiphop, just to name a few.

Major labels make a promise to the people they sign, a promise to promote them through major outlets and blog sites. The only problem is that these music blog sites work together with the music labels, and make it harder for unsigned artists such as yourself to get noticed. This is how they get you in a stranglehold and force you to sign your life away to them.

So why not cut the middleman, save money, and be happier with your work? That’s where comes to save the day.

Spread Your Music On Social Media

Through their new service, they connect you and your music to ALL major social media platforms. Twitter, Pinterest, Google posts, Stumble Upon, and Flicker are all options offered by this deal.

But that’s not all.

Get an Article written about You

They also will write a unique article about you, describing your you, your brand, and your music video, and get that article and your video posted to music blogs.

This service does that record labels promise to you, but without contracts and large sums of money.

You may know about SocialTurnUp’s Youtube Explosion Package, but this is much better.

The Youtube Explosion Package gives you views, likes, and comments, but only on and to Youtube, which can limit the scope.

youtube shockwave package (Popular Music Blogs)

Youtube Shockwave Package offers to get your music onto music blog sites, expanding the capabilities and opportunities to promote your music video on Youtube AND some of the most popular music blogs. Let’s compare the two

Youtube Explosion Package:
? 1,000 Youtube Views
? 100+ Posts to random websites (with Youtube link)

Youtube Shockwave Package:
? 8,000 Youtube Views
? 70 Youtube Likes
? 3 Posts to high quality music blogs (with your Youtube video)
? 1 Twitter post + 50 Retweets + 3 Comments
? 1 Pinterest post +50 Repins + 3 Comments
? 1 Google post + 50 Reshares + 3 Comments
? 1 Flicker post + 3 Comments + 5 Likes
? 3 Unique articles on 3 music blogs

When your video is posted on those 3 popular music blogs, you are guaranteed that the blog is quality and likely to get more Youtube views to your video, as each of the blogs has between 100 and 1000 views every day!

Not only this, but you will have your article and music video directly on their homepage.

Few other mediums will give you this quality of Youtube music video promotion. Each music blog submission will be unique, after which your music video will be shared on social media.

This will bring real Youtube views to, which is a more natural way to promote your music video on Youtube. You can also be guaranteed that your blog posts and everything associated with it will be there permanently.

This isn’t a temporary deal. This is the professional way to do Youtube music promotion, as it secures the long term for you and your music. Ordering this package guarantees traffic to your blog post and video for months to come! You cannot go wrong, and you will not be let down. The results speak for themselves.