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Studio Quality Condenser Microphone for Your Phone

Recording on the Go Never Looked so Good

It’s something that has been a long time coming, and it’s something that’s been talked about by musicians no matter what genre you perform in. That is (drumroll please), recording while on the road from your phones or tablets. This concept is something that many people have talked about, and complained about when they’re on the road and inspiration strikes like lightning but, they’re so far away from their studio. They tell themselves over and over again, “You have to remember this,” but, let’s be honest, how many times do we actually remember it when we tell ourselves to remember something? I’m not going to lie, I’ve been on the receiving end (too many times) of telling myself, “Okay this is something perfect, and I just got to make sure I remember it,” but by the time I get to a place where I can actually put my thoughts into action, I’ve completely forgotten what I thought about in the first place.

Movo MA200 Smartphone Omni-Directional Microphone

With the Movo MA200 Smartphone Omni-Directional Microphone (wow, that’s one heck of a name), you’ll be able to record your content no matter where you are in the world. If the impressive name doesn’t already give you an idea of the quality of this microphone, let me reassure you, this Mic is certainly all its chalked up to be and more. Now you may be wondering, “But how does this differ from me just using my phone’s microphone to record my content?” Good question, and for the answer, I’ll tell you this.

Phone Mic Vs. Studio Mic

This microphone is not like the regular condenser microphones that you use in the studio, and it’s far more superior than the built-in microphones that are used in most cell phones. Think about it, what company makes a cell phone with the objective to increase your quality of voice so that you sound perfect on a phone call? Phone companies focus more on the clarity of your voice (if one person can hear another), then quality of your voice (so that your voice sounds Studio ready). So, what this microphone does is tell its users, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” I can never really say I understood the saying myself, but, hey, when it works it works. Getting Studio ready vocals down while you’re on a crowded subway, walking down a busy street, or wherever else life may be taking you, is rare no matter how you look at it.

One of the best features of this product is that it doesn’t require a battery. Think about all the time you’ll save, oh, and all the money you will save, by not having to replace the battery over and over again whenever you decide you want to lay down your vocals. Take it from someone who’s been there, trying to find batteries for a product, just so it can work when you need it, is a hassle. I remember trying to find AAAA batteries for my tablet pen, and none were in stores. Not the most effective way to go about doing your business when being digital is how you make a living. So, the fact that this product doesn’t require a battery, and the only thing you would have to do is plug it into your device whenever you want to use it, for lack of a better word, its f****** outstanding.


Now, for those out there who are wondering what devices are compatible with this tool, I’m happy to stand here in front of you today (well sit actually), and let you know that this tool can be used on multiple Apple devices and even some Androids. So, all of you people out there who are still having the Apple VS. Android debate, at least this is one less thing you have to argue about. With that being said, let me clarify, yes, it does work on iPhones and Samsung’s, however, for the newer model iPhone 8 and up you may have to purchase an adapter for these devices, considering newer model phones do not have a headphone jack.

When you’re recording in a tight space, your best option is to have a device that is able to pick up your voice in any direction. An Omni-directional microphone will be able to benefit you in tight situations no matter where you’re recording or how you’re recording. Let’s be realistic; not everybody holds their phone the same way, so, being able to maneuver your phone in different angles and still have the ability to record precision vocals is beneficial to any musician.

What every musician, no matter if they’re just starting out, or if they’ve been in the game for a long time, will tell you is that “Striking when the iron is hot” is the best way to reduce your greatest hits. Inspiration can strike you anywhere and can come from many different forms of everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you’re rapper, singer, a painter, illustrator, etc. we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve carried a small notebook with us or downloaded a note-taking app on our phones so that we will be prepared when inspiration hits us. Hell, turn on the TV, and you’ll see commercials of Post Malone and Sia recording vocals on their devices to prepare for studio time.

Many popular musicians have stated in interviews that the inspiration for some of their greatest hits has come in unexpected situations. Whether you’re running a marathon, spending a lazy evening in the house watching Game of Thrones (more of my speed), inspiration can strike you anywhere. You can gain inspiration from the people around you, or write a whole song based on the episode of Game of Thrones that you just watched, and who knows, that one song can be your biggest hit.

So, don’t waste any more time trying to figure out if this is the right product for you. If you’re a musician, or you do a lot of audio recording, then having this device could only help you to excel in whatever you’re doing. Take your studio on the road, record track-ready vocals, and never miss a beat the next time inspiration strikes you when you’re out and about. For less than $50, what do you have to lose? Order Microphone