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The Power of a Soundcloud Repost

If you’re like many new artists who are just getting their start on Soundcloud, then you are probably looking for ways to improve your views. And if you are not looking for ways to improve your views, but you are a new artist, let’s be realistic, you’re in the minority, you’re a bit weird, and from now on you will be shunned. Okay, maybe not shunned but this post may not be for you, though feel free to stick around, you may learn something. I’m here to share with you the best ways to promote your music on Soundcloud. And that is drum roll please… the Repost system (patiently waits for applause to die down).

            Okay, so, the repost system is simple. What you do is go to an artist page and ask them to repost the link to your new music on their account so that their followers I will click on the link to view your song. Sounds easy enough right, because it is. The most complicated part is finding someone who is willing to do this for you. But even that is easy when you realize that there are artists that will do this for you for cash.

            What you will want to do is find someone with a high follower count and make sure that they are posting on their page regularly. The reason for this is simple, if they don’t post regularly on their page, then their fans don’t get on there often, which means when they post your link, their fans will not see it for a while. So good luck with trying to get that view count up quickly.

            What should you look for when trying to find someone to repost your music? Someone with a high follower count, who post regularly, and it’ll be a plus if they have a lot of comments under their posts. Having a lot of comments under their post means that their fans are engaged and that they are more likely to follow a link promoted by that account. Seriously though, don’t just buy into someone with a high follower count. That’s like saying “Hey, I saw you got a lot of views on that one post you did three years ago, so I’m sure you’ll be the perfect person to promote my new music. Here’s a handful of cash, take it and run off into the sunset while I beat myself over the head with this hammer.” Sounds fun right, I didn’t think so.

            Some accounts will be nice enough to repost your Soundcloud music for free if they liked it enough, these accounts are rare however, and they are not going to be easy to find. So, buying is the next best thing, and it is very effective (if done right). You just have to find the right person. So, keep in mind everything that was mentioned above when you go out there and try to make new friends. They’ll say they’re just in it for the money, but we both know they just like you and your music. No, I don’t need you to point out that it is only for the money, let me have my dreams.