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Uploading to Soundcloud from Your Phone

Uploading recordings to Soundcloud is easy if you are doing it from a computer or from their website. However, when you get deeper into uploading, and you want to start doing it from your mobile devices, it can be more complicated. The reason for this honestly is because Soundcloud doesn’t support uploads from mobile devices, yeah kind of crazy considering the times, but, what can you do? There are ways around this, however, and I would be more than happy to share them with you.



Now, to get into uploading from your Apple devices. This option is more complicated than the previous Android options, but that does not mean that the process is impossible. What you need to do is open the internet browser app, this works with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Next, you will need to go to your Soundcloud page, and I can only assume that you’re logged in (if not, then that’s your next step), once you’re on your Soundcloud page you will want to request the desktop view. Once the view is up, you will then go to the upload button on the page. From there everything becomes straight forward. You will need to choose a file to upload, you will need to add the information (the same way that you would do on a laptop), and that’s it.

Yes, uploading from your mobile device can be very confusing but if you’re on the go, it can also be extremely helpful. I would still recommend uploading from a desktop or laptop, but you got to do what you got to do how to get your content out there. As they say, the work doesn’t stop; the grind doesn’t stop.



Android Phone

There are two ways that you will be able to upload your content to Soundcloud from your Android devices. One of those ways is a complete support system from Soundcloud mobile app, and the other is a (share) function that is on most, if not all, mobile devices. The first option is using the Soundcloud app, where you’ll be able to record your voice and upload it to their server. You can do this by, first clicking on the mobile app, (this is assuming that you already have it installed) then you will click on the more button, from this window you will click on the record button… and voila, the rest is history. With the mobile app, you will be able to do certain things that will enhance your recording, like fading in and out of the recording, and starting/stopping the recording at desired spots, though that’s about as far as the options go. However, when you really think about it, it’s still better than nothing if you’re just looking for a quick voice recording to upload to your account.

The second way that you will upload your content to Soundcloud from your mobile device is more complicated, and not complicated at all (at the same time). What I mean by this is complicated, I know, this is getting complicated, right. Try to stay with me. To upload the music to your account would be a simple process. However, the tools that Soundcloud usually allow will not be offered in this situation. Basically what this means is, if you use this method, then you should make sure that the content that you’re uploading is completely edited and you’re a 100% sure that you are ready to upload it.


Now, to the process. The process of uploading is simple, what you need to do is, go to the specified file that you will want upload it, from there you will click on it and bring up the options menu for that file. There may be a button, or you may need to hold down on the file. After the options come up, click on (share via), which will give you a bunch of options depending on what apps you have installed, for your sake, I hope that there isn’t a lot, or you will be scrolling for days. When you finally get there, click on Soundcloud which means yes, you will still need the app; finally, the upload process will begin. From there just fill out the basic Soundcloud information, the name of the song, image, private or public and done.