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100% Sure You’re Using Instagram #Hashtags WRONG

Using the hashtag that matches your genre will lead to using something that other people have used before. I mean of course right. You’re all in the same genre, of course, your tags will be similar. However, if your account isn’t as popular as theirs, then using that hashtag will get your post lost in the bottom of the barrel when people search for it.

It’s not hard to understand when you think about it. It’s like one of those fashion posts of who wore it better. When it’s all said and done if you’re wearing the same thing someone else is, and they’re more popular than you, it doesn’t matter how much better you may look in it; they will get more attention. Why do you think celebrities get more endorsements for products, even when the product doesn’t fit them well? Yeah I know, you’re preaching to the choir when you say life isn’t fair. But, you still have to try and make it work.

When you’re looking for ways to improve your Hashtags try doing these steps

1. You can start off by tweaking the hashtags that you normally use to fit more of a unique demographic. You want your fans to find your music over that of another successful artist; then it’s time to get creative. It shouldn’t really be hard for you considering a musician’s life is all about creativity. Take a normal hashtag that is usually used for musicians and add little keywords to them that makes them unique.

However, one thing you want to make sure that you do is don’t add keywords to a tag if it has nothing to do with your post. If your post is about one thing and your tag suggest something else, then you will find it hard to gain new fans or even more horrible, you could lose some of your existing fans. Basically, don’t try to set traps for people thinking it’ll be clever to get them to click on your content for views. That one post may get a lot of the views that you want, but your future posts won’t get many views after that. You know the old saying, “Fool me onetime shame on you, but if you fool me, I won’t be your fool again.”

when looking at someone else’s posts on Instagram and having to scroll through all the tags just to get to the information, or going through someone’s story and most of it is filled with tags and mentions? Don’t have your posts lost in the bottom of the bin on Instagram because of your tags. It’s like having your email sent directly to the spam folder, yeah they were sent out, but most people aren’t going to look at them because of what they think they are. So, Choose Wisely.

Your competitors are your biggest supporters 🤗

You ever heard the saying, “Your competitors are your biggest supporters? Yeah me either, but it’s kind of true. The best way to gain information about an industry is to look around you and figure out what everyone else is doing in that same industry. So, when you’re trying to figure out what everyone else is doing, the best place to go is to the competition. Now, you also have to understand that copy and paste is not the best method to use when trying to start a name for yourself. Many people have listened, watched, and related to your competitor for a while, so if you start to copy their style then you yourself will be outed as a poser. 

out the competitions usage, and what they’re known for, you do this not to copy them, but to know what the fans are looking for. As we spoke about earlier, knowing what is already popular isn’t the problem. The problem is using what’s popular because it’s popular. So, go ahead and stalk your competition, figure out there secrets, and the most successful hashtags, but when you start to create some tags yourself, remember to make it original.

Do something in your videos and in your music that makes the hashtag that you use unique and popular amongst your fans. I can almost guarantee you that your favorite artists, who have their own special hashtags, didn’t just think of them out of the blue. Most hashtags are copied from different people, only tweaked to be unique to a certain artist. Long story short, it’s not plagiarism to copy the style of Picasso, as long as you use that style to create your own unique art, and not copy his.

This is the same thing with hashtags. When you use a hashtag what you want to do is figure

Stop Over Tagging With Hashtags!

One critical aspect that you want to stay away from when tagging your content is over tagging. Hashtags are great when trying to get fans aware of your content, but at the same time, if you use too many of them, the post becomes less realistic and more like a spam-bot. Instagram and other social media accounts are filled with spam-bots that are only there to gain information about you so that they can send you a bunch of different things that you don’t want and maybe don’t need. Let’s be real; we’ve all seen posts on Instagram that were obviously spam. It may seem more efficient to add as many tags as possible, but if you‘re realistic, you know that you’re doing too much.

So, don’t go chasing that “White Whale” Ahab (Moby Dick reference, thank you 10th grade English), and find yourself in the worse situation than you were before, all because you were trying too hard. Keep it simple, and pick out your tags based on the most critical aspects of your content. What’s your music about, what’s the tempo of your instrumental, what’s a tag that represents who you are as an artist, and throw in two or three tags that are based on your genre. The last thing you would want to do is lose your fanbase because of the tags that you use. It may not seem like a problem, but it definitely is.