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Hip Hop Music Distribution

🎧 Get Your Music in the Hands of Hip-Hops Elite Get your music featured on some of the biggest Hip-Hop blogs around, grow your career and fan-base to an incredible height in a short amount of time, and build a connection with some of the most influential people in the music industry. This service offers...

3 Ways to Collect & Use Emails

📨 What is Email Marketing and how can it Help You The ability to network with a bunch of different people in a short amount of time, having the power at the palm of your hands to gain a large fan base and increase the views of your content all while being able to market...

How To Build and Keep Active Followers

Before we begin, there’s something that you should know, or in this case, something that you should make sure you do. When you’re trying to build a following, and lead those views to your content, you will have to have a good strategy to direct them. Basically, how are the fans supposed to view your…

Are You Profiting off Your Beats?

How to Sell Beats with Email Marketing One of the most crucial aspects of the music industry today is the beats. Producers have made Millions on the records that they create for artists. Hell, some producers make a living off of producing and writing tracks that they hire famous artists to rap on (DJ Khaled)….

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