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How To Build and Keep Active Followers

Before we begin, there’s something that you should know, or in this case, something that you should make sure you do. When you’re trying to build a following, and lead those views to your content, you will have to have a good strategy to direct them. Basically, how are the fans supposed to view your…

Are You Profiting off Your Beats?

How to Sell Beats with Email Marketing One of the most crucial aspects of the music industry today is the beats. Producers have made Millions on the records that they create for artists. Hell, some producers make a living off of producing and writing tracks that they hire famous artists to rap on (DJ Khaled)….

100% Sure You’re Using Instagram WRONG

Using the hashtag that matches your genre will lead to using something that other people have used before. I mean of course right. You’re all in the same genre, of course, your tags will be similar. However, if your account isn’t as popular as theirs, then using that hashtag will get your post lost in...

Blue Yeti vs. Blue Yeti Nano

Recording Quality The recording quality of this microphone is top-of-the-line. When you’re going for a mic that can pick up the small details of your voice without distorting it in a way that makes you sound more robotic than human, then you might want to give this microphone a try. Now, if you are going...