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All Your Missing is A Co-Sign

Looking for a Co-Sign 👥 Networking Gaining influence in any industry is about who you know and how you can use those connections to further your influence in that industry. Think about it; most of these companies and influencers have used features from others to expand their following. If you need an example, go to…

How Important is social media?

The Importance of Social Media In today’s era, there’s nothing more profound than using social media to your advantage. Many artists will use this platform daily to build their notoriety and engage with their following. Let’s be real, have you seen a major label sign a prominent new artist recently that did not already have…

The Power of a Soundcloud Repost

If you’re like many new artists who are just getting their start on Soundcloud, then you are probably looking for ways to improve your views. And if you are not looking for ways to improve your views, but you are a new artist, let’s be realistic, you’re in the minority, you’re a bit weird, and…