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3 Ways to Collect & Use Emails

📨 What is Email Marketing and how can it Help You

The ability to network with a bunch of different people in a short amount of time, having the power at the palm of your hands to gain a large fan base and increase the views of your content all while being able to market your material in a way that you deem fit, this is email marketing.

Email marketing can be summed up in those simple statements, but to be more precise, it is being able to freely market your content in a way that will not only gain you a massive amount of fans, but it will do so in a way that doesn’t compromise who you are as an artist. Let’s be real; there are many artists in the music industry that have A&R teams who look at them and think, “This may be your style, but I’m going to turn you into this.”

It’s not who they are, but a lie built to sell more merchandise. For many artists, the ability to reach a large amount of fans in a short amount of time is not something that is easy to do right off the bat. This by itself will cause confusion, anger, and doubt to creep into the music they make and stop them from reaching the goals that they set out to accomplish. That’s why email marketing is so critical. For a new artist or even an artist that’s well established but wants to reach a larger fan base, email marketing will give you the tools to send targeted emails out to people in less than an hour. Giving you the power of a whole A&R team without losing your identity.

📩 Collecting Emails

The biggest thing that many people who want to promote content with email marketing need to know is that the emails that you collect are a massive part of the process. The way that you go about collecting these emails will lead to more fans being aware of your content. So, when you go out to collect emails, make sure you’re doing it the best possible way. To put it simply, the more your list grows, the more fans you get, the more your video views shoot up, the more popularity you gain, and the more content you can sell. With that being said, wouldn’t you want to know that you’re using this tool to its fullest extent? Now, for anybody who’s looking for a way to grow their email list, I have three suggestions that will not only help you do so, but it will also be easy to learn and give you a fast turnaround.

🌐 Gain Through Your Website

The first thing you will want to do is build a website. Having a website will give you the ability to send people directly to your content and show them who you are. The connection that having a website gives you and your fans cannot be understated. Think about all of the artists out who have their own websites. Now, think about how successful these websites are in promoting their brand and selling their content. They’re able to do this because their website offers their fans the option to stay in contact through an email list.

Whenever they fan signs up, they’ll get emails telling them when new content is released, when new shows are in the works, and some of their emails offer them exclusive content that only email subscribers on their website can get. That incentive draws more attention back to the website and to the email list.

🔧 Building a Website

For those who don’t know how to get started with their website, here is a quick guide.

First: you will need a domain name. This domain name will lead your fans in a certain direction. Basically, this is the name that your fans will be typing in to find your website. So, don’t make it overly complicated but try to be unique. You can use something that fits a certain brand that you’re trying to sell, or you can create a name that is simple and has something to do with your artist name.

Side Tip: If you just can’t help yourself, and your name is so creative that your URL is too long, then you can use Bitly. Bitly is a URL shortening service, and they specialize in compacting your creativity down to a manageable size.

Next: you will want to go to WordPress and allow them to host your website. The best thing

about this is the price ($9.99). This is the only price that they will charge you to host your website on their servers. So, after a brief set-up, and a very small fee, you’ll be able to start building your site with WordPress’s easy-to-use systems.

Lastly: You will want to sign up to Aweber.

Aweber is one of the leading email marketing automation systems that are used today. Their sign up is simple, and their system is beginner friendly. They also offer you the ability to create comprehensive and engaging emails from the very start.

After your website is complete, and you have created an account with Aweber, the next thing you will have to do is create an opt-in. An opt-in gives your fans the option to receive the emails from you. Basically, when you are trying to collect emails, you need a link that people can click on. This link will send your fans to your sign-up page, where they will put in their emails and subscribe to your content. An opt-in page should be added to your website and lead fans to your email sign up list. It’s as simple as that.

👥 Gain Through Social Media

The second way that you can go about creating a large email list is using social media. This option is one of the most popular options that is used today, and surely you have seen many artists use this already. Think about it, have you ever been on a popular artist’s YouTube page, and they have a link in their channel descriptions that will let you sign up (or subscribe) to receive personal emails when new content is released? Or, how about being on Twitter or Instagram, and having a link in an artist’s bio that will send you to their email list. If you want a reference on these situations, then simply go to your favorite artist’s page and see for yourself. Some artists will have it directly in their bio, other artists will have a link to their website, and from there you will be led to the opt-in page.

Either way, having a link in your bio, or descriptions, is one of the most popular ways of gaining a large email list because of the access social media gives. Think about the amount of traffic that people get to their social media accounts. From these accounts, you can get thousands, or maybe even Millions, of views in a short amount of time. Hell, even if your content doesn’t get a lot of clicks, it doesn’t stop the amount of traffic that flows through your social media account. So, having this link in a visible place, where people can easily see it when they go to your account, is invaluable to gaining a large email list.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Manually Gaining Emails

Now, the last method that can be used to gain a large email list in a short amount of time is a manual method. However, it is important to know that this method is not as popular as the others, but it is more personal. What does this mean? Well, to put it simply for you, it means engaging with fans in person to gain a email from them. Basically, what you want to do is have an email sign up sheet at your shows or your in-person events. This sheet can be digital (tablet or phone), or it can be analog (pen and paper).

Think about it for a second, and you’ll understand. If you were going to a concert (or a meet and greet) with an appearance from your favorite artist, wouldn’t you be more interested in signing up for their email list to keep in contact with their content? Yes, it can honestly be that simple with you too. When your fans take the time to come and see you, obviously they will not mind staying up to date on your content.

Another manual method you could try (if you’re performing and don’t have the time to do personal meet and greets) is offering the sign-up at your merchandise table. Many artists (no matter their medium) offer merchandise at their shows, and if the fans are at your table, then it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that they will want more merch from you in the future. So, give them a chance to stay up-to-date.

So, offer your sign up list at the table, and if you’re feeling extra generous (or if you want to build your list faster), you could offer an incentive for them to sign up. It doesn’t have to be anything big; it can be as simple as a button, pen, sticker, and autographed pic, or whatever. You would be amazed at how many people would be interested in getting this kind of free merch just by putting down their emails. The possibilities are endless, and the growth from this method can beextreme if it’s done correctly. The only drawback is from the analog emails. After your show, you’ll then need to take that list and import it into your email database manually. The good thing about this is with MailChimp, inputting this information is fairly straightforward. So, you won’t have to be on it for too long. Small blessings, right.