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3 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following Organically

Growing a brand-new Instagram account is tough.  No denying that. But while some social media marketing services may try to sell you on the idea that it’s too hard to do by yourself- here’s the truth.

Growing your Instagram business IS tough. However, it is not complicated or expensive.

What do we mean by this?

If you have patience and discipline you have everything you need to succeed. That alone will take you way farther than a big ad budget.

So let’s skip the chit chat and get down to business. Here are the three things you need to be doing every day in order to grow your Instagram account organically.


Step 1.



Pick out a few target accounts in your niche to follow. Here’s some guidelines to follow when scoping out target accounts


  • Choose micro influencers. Pick accounts in very specific niches. The number of followers they will have will largely depend on the niche. For example, in the fitness chick niche, a micro influencer would be considered someone with 75-100k followers. These types of accounts are very easy to grow, since just about every man on the planet ( and many women) like following attractive girls.


In a more relatively boring niche- let’s say the car industry, a micro influencer could have far few followers, say 2,000 to 30,000.

No matter which niche you are, you want to go specific. The reason for this is the more specific the niche is, the more likely it is that the followers of that niche will be truly interested in the content.

For another example, let’s look at the golf niche. You might be tempted to follow Tiger Woods- after all, he is a famous golfer. However, Tiger is a celebrity. There are many people that do not play golf who follow him. If you wanted to find people who for sure play golf, you should pick an account that only golfers would know about- like one that sells golfing gloves, bags, and clubs.


  • Choose accounts with followers who are highly engaged. As a general rule of thumb, you should only follow accounts that have at least 10% of their followers engaging with their content. So if an account has 5,000 followers, they should be getting at least 500 likes on their pictures. You want to follow accounts with high engagement because it increases the likelihood that their followers will engage with your content as well.




 Don’t waste your time liking photos from accounts who you don’t already follow in order to get them to follow you. This is largely ineffective. The best way to ensure that an account will follow you back is by first following them and then liking two of their photos.

Which two photos?

Their most recent one, and then one from a few weeks ago. The idea behind this is that you want them to believe you went through their photos and found one you liked. Don’t go overboard and like all of their photos- this is spammy and disingenuous. They will know you are just trying to get attention, and ignore you.




 The more specific you can get with your comments, the better. Stay away from writing generic things like “nice shot” “love this” or a bunch of random emoji’s. One great way to get an account’s attention is by asking a thoughtful question.

For example, let’s say someone takes a picture of an omelet, but does not elaborate whether they made it, or got it at a restaurant.

You could say – “wow, that omlette looks amazing! Where did you get it?”

And there you have it. The three main keys to building your Instagram business up from nothing.

So the next time you’re wondering “should I promote my Instagram?” Remember- you don’t need to spend money to get results.

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