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59 free hiphop Beat


59 free hiphop Beats produced by Passion HiFi

There are 59 different beats available, and a wide array of sounds, tempos and mixes are out there. Some mix Hip Hop with elements of jazz. A kind of 90z New York tempo theme can be heard in many of the beats. Fast or slow, mad or mellow, one of Passion HiFi’s beats is sure to grab you. Take the sounds that inspire you, and get to work.

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The Producer They Call The Passion HiFi

Based in Bedford, Britain, the producer Passion HiFi is breathing new life into old beats. Even better, he’s made it possible for anyone to get the beats for themselves. Soundcloud downloads make the beats instantly and easily accessible. They’re free, and they are a fantastic opportunity for new Hip Hop artists to save money and jump-start their own careers. According to Passion HiFi, the beats come mainly from his archive, or from experimental pieces that did not get used in past projects. He’s happy to let you use the beats for live performances, demos and commercial recordings. You can incorporate these beats for use on T.V., radio internet or film projects.The producer Passion HiFi asks that you do not add anything other than vocals, scratching and DJ voice overs to his original beats. Please be sure to give credit to Passion HiFi by noting him as the original author of the beats you use. Include “Beat by The Passion HiFi” on your works. Obviously, the beats may not be sold, marketed or redistributed as your own. Other than that, he’s giving you access to free beats online and a key tool for you to start your own Hip Hop production. Simply obtain the beats as soundcloud downloads, and get started on your own project. Contact Producer Passion HiFi Passion HiFi is always happy to hear that his free beats are being put to good use. He welcomes you to send him an email at passionhifi@eviltwinrecords.com. Send him samples of your finished work in MP3 format and any feedback you may have. Another site worth visiting is http://www.eviltwinrecords.com/ Here you can get immediate access to Passion HiFi’s Hip Hop:Instrumentals Vol1in any high quality format you want including MP3 and FLAC.

Beat Machine Tutorials

Passion HiFi’s own work has received thousands of views on YouTube. He’s also got a link to a tutorial video that’s definitely worth checking out. The Beat Machine is a very popular device for those Hip Hop producers looking for a “Boom Bap” sound. The YouTube tutorial makes the machine easy to understand and offers plenty of expert tips to help you get the sounds you want.