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Big Name Artists Use Mixtape Promotion

Mixtape Promotion

Ok so you know that uploading your mixtape to sites like datpiff and and livemixtape is good and all, but planing to blow up as an artist takes more then just uploading your mixtape. If your not utilizing promotional tools your only going to have a small reach, small reach meaning it will just be shared by you and your friends and that’s it, it stops there.

Truth of the matter is that major and signed artists do not just upload and drop an EP or album and sit back and watch there downloads increase; They put some money behind it. Whether it’s paying top blog sites or magazines to review there mixtape (yes big name artist do pay to get there music reviewed) or paying to get on the big screen on worldstarhiphop; artists and label are still coughing up money to get there music seen to the public.

Magazines such as “Rolling Stones” and “GQ” offers to review artists music ,write an bio or an article about there latest concerts and events, but not for free. Artist typically payout a large some of cash to get these outlets to talk about them.

Worldstarhiphop offers artists or businesses to get there video on top of there website for a set amount of days for a set amount of price.
$3,000 a day is rumored to be the price to get on the big screen on worldstarhiphop a couple of years ago. As worldstar gets more monthly traffic they raise there prices, so that amount could have gone up by now.
When you check a video on WSHH and below it says [ label submitted ], it means a music label shelled out some money to Worldstarhiphop to get there video on there.

These are all promotion tactics to get your music or video seen by a larger audience. Just because a big artist or company has a large following does not mean what ever they put out will automatically be spread and seen by everyone. Everyone pays for promotio,. Especially if you drop a cd and your not a big name artist you MUST buy into mixtape promotion. It’s the only way to potentially reach new listeners and fans.