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Break to The Top of Music Blogs

uploading a bunch of songs and haven’t been able to get noticed as yet? “YouTube Shockwave Package” will gain you fans.

It’s quite painful when you work so hard on your music and yet the popular music blogs don’t recognize your efforts. One might has to go through a rigorous process to make it to a music blog these days.

⦁ The Real Problem

Actually the music labels work with these blogs. Hence it becomes difficult for new artists to make their way at these sites. However, the problem seems to be resolved with this all new YouTube shockwave package.

  • What does YouTube Shockwave Package Offer?

You will no longer need to run behind music blogs to get your music uploaded on the internet. The YouTube package that you get will be enough to get you famous through social media

  • Social Media Connectivity

When you buy the product, the service will link you to all the popular social media websites such as Twitter, Flicker, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others.  Your music albums will reach more people and you get more popularity in a shorter time.

  • Article and Reviews

Getting reviewed and talked about on the internet will is always a step to more cyber fame.

Summary of the Package

There is a lot more than you think you will get through this YouTube shockwave package. Here is a summary of services for you.

⦁ YouTube Likes (70)
⦁ YouTube Comments (20)
⦁ YouTube Views (8000)
⦁ Posts on 3 different and most popular music blogs along with your video.
⦁ A twitter post with 50 retweets and 3 comments
⦁ A Google post with 50 reshares and 3 comments
⦁ A Pinterest post with 50 repins and 3 comments
⦁ 3 articles on 3 different music blogs
⦁ A flicker post with 3 comments and 3 likes