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The Difference Between Stars and Amateur Artists

There’s hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to become artists.

Tens of thousands who make a modest living out of it..

But those who make “fuck you” money out of it?

Not many.

So, what is it that separates the millionaire musicians from the ones sitting in dusty basements rapping into their phones?

It’s image.

You might be surprised. Image? How about talent? Sure they’re talented as hell. But there’s a lot of talented people out there. They just don’t know how to market themselves.

Think about the last time you saw a Hip-Hop music video. What did you see? Hundred dollar bills raining from the ceiling? Scantily clad models? High profile drug deals? Italian supercars? Crazy parties? Tattoos? Grills?

Whatever it is was- what you saw was a “snapshot” into their “life”. An image they have created for their fans (and haters) to be envious of. They are showing fans why their lifestyle is something aspirational.

Note: there’s exceptions to this rule. For example, rapper Lil’ Dicky is basically the antithesis of rap. He portrays an awkward Jewish white dude, who doesn’t make a lot of money- and is terrible with the ladies.

He’s successful because he does it in an ironic fashion, (in real life he’s rich as shit). In his case, people follow him because he’s created a unique image of relatability- one that stands out from the typical imagery of “popping bottles at the club”.

He’s a comedian, and many people aspire to be that.

Nobody aspires to be a musician with no fans that hawks their poorly recorded mixtape all over the internet – begging for attention.

That shit is pathetic. You know it, and we know it. So why do so many artists present that image, and expect people to fall in love with them?

We have no idea.

But we do know a thing or two about image. So how do you get your image right?

What you have to do, whether you are Lil’ Dicky, or Jay-Z…. is attract people.

Do something exciting. Something worth writing about and sharing. When other people are writing about you (as opposed to you promoting yourself)

You create an image of importance.

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All you need to ask yourself is this. Do you want to be like the hundreds of thousands of desperate artists struggling to make it?

Or do you want to stand out? To not just survive- but to thrive?

The choice is yours.