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How to Effectively Promote a Mixtape

Promoting a mixtape is one of the common concerns for music lovers these days. You will often find people who are good with lyrics and have a taste of music asking and searching for methods to promote their mixtape.

There are quite a few aspects to look at when it comes to mixtape promotion. We will try to touch the most relevant ones to get you going with your mixtape release. Firstly, we shall break down our discussion here. It will be much easier to understand if we divide this activity into two main categories:

?    Promotion Prior to Mixtape Release
?    Post Release Promotion

Pre-Release Promotion

When you are in the process of making your mixtape, you should also start planning out your promotion campaign for your mixtape. Since it is a mixtape, it will not just have tracks from one artist. In fact, you must have compiled a list by some of the top performers. Therefore, here are a few things you should consider for best promotion of your mixtape even before it has been released.

1. Give a Unique Name to Your Mixtape

There are hundreds of albums and mixtapes that are released on daily basis. To perform better than the others, your mixtape must standout.  For that to happen, you have to come up with a catchy and unique name for your mixtape. You can even carry out research before naming your mixtape and make sure that you take sufficient time before finalizing a name for it.

2. Get the Word Out

Communication is so vital when it comes to marketing. You need to make sure that the world knows that your mixtape is on its way. Get your friends talking about the release on social media. Now it may seem difficult to market your product if you don’t have a great pool of friends but no need to worry. Here are a few other recommendations for marketing your mixtape through social media.

?    Facebook Ads

These are one of the most powerful tools these days. Since most people are on social media for a good part of the day, your message is more likely to reach them with effect.

?    Blog Posts

If you have a blog and you are popular enough to have fans following, spread the message through your blog. Get your fans at work and ask them to share your mixtape with more people.

3. Find out Partners

Social media is an effective tool but it may not be the only resource you would like to have. You should look to build a marketing team for your mixtape promotion. Get in some professional marketers and publicists to serve the purpose. There are also companies which dedicatedly promote mixtapes and albums so you can even contact them if you like.

4. Visual Appeal

People buy what looks good to their eye. Therefore, your album has to not only be great in terms of quality of the tracks but it also has to attract fans through looks. Ensure that you get the best graphics for the cover of your mixtape. If you have a website, make sure the graphics are intriguing enough that people download your tape from there.

Post Release Promotion

Once your album is out, the suspense is now over. People know about the tracks in your mixtape so it is mainly dependent on the quality of tracks from now on. However, there are still a few things you can do to promote your mixtape.

1. Arrange a Concert

It may sound old school but it’s something that really works. You can gather a few people around at a good site and perform some of the tracks from your tape. It is probably the best way to promote a mixtape because people get to hear the tracks directly from you.

Make it a grand party and get in some food and drinks to entertain your guests. Also ensure that your website is publicized through the concert because people will download your tape from there.  It’s a great idea to keep some CDs which you can sell or giveaway as a gift to the visitors.

2. Get Your Mixtape Hosted

Another of many mixtape promotion tips is getting your records hosted and reviewed by popular public figures and hosts. Try and get a radio show with renowned DJs and spread your voice to maximum listeners. If you’re a new artist and you get lucky enough to appear on TV for promotion of your mixtape, it is going to be a huge bonus for your career.

3. What Else you Can Do to Promote

The possibilities are endless. You can even run different contests through social media to get your fans and listeners engaged with your mixtape. You can also search for publishers and record companies to get your mixtape promoted among people.


Mixtapes are great and inexpensive tools to promote yourself as an emerging talent. Even if you’re a professional artist, you can multiply your ROI by effectively marketing your mixtapes.