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18 Sites to Upload Your Mixtape For Free

Free sites to upload mixtape

Mix tapes are one of the most effective ways that artists use to promote their music to producers as well as their target audience. The tapes can be found online on different sites and are uploaded at no cost. Some of the well known free sites that artists can upload their mix tapes include:

datpiff.com – It is the most popular site to upload music to and has been in existence for many years. The site guarantees artists that their mix tapes will be sampled by their target audience because of the large number of users that visit their site daily.

livemixtapes.com – It is also as popular but a second choice for many artists seeking a site to upload their music. The site allows artists to upload their music which their fans can then download or listen to directly on the site.

staylomixtapes.com – The site allows artists to upload mix tapes which it categorizes into three namely major, exclusive and Indy. These categories make it easier for users on the site to select the type of mix tapes they want to sample.

hotnewhiphop.com – Users are allowed to add mixtapes on a playlist so that they can listen to them continuously. The mixtapes on the site are categorized into the latest, popular and the upcoming ones for the benefit of both the artist uploading and their fans as well.

thatcrack.com – Although the site is popular with fans of mix tapes, there is a restriction in people that can upload music on the site. Professionals in the music industry such as DJs, labels, A&Rs, artists or those that represent them can upload mixtapes.

bouncemixtapes.com – The site allows DJs as well as artists to upload their music using two step process which saves them a lot of time. They can also share their mix tapes on various social networks from the site.

tweetmysong.com – Mixtapes on the site cut across all genres and allows users to download or listen to the music, and then indicates the number of people that have done either of these two actions.

retwedia.com – The mixtapes that are uploaded on the site are promoted through Twitter through the use of an application that does it automatically for the artist.

mixtape-download.com – Artists that upload their mixtape on the site make it available for many music lovers to download them and share with friends as well.

downloadamixtape.com – The mixtapes uploaded by artists are given good exposure because they are placed in categories depending on if they were put up within the week or day, and if they are popular as well.

mixtapepage.com – Artists need to sign up on the site to be allowed to upload their mix tape after they have received their log in details. The same process takes place every time they need to upload a mix tape on the site.

audiomack.com – Registration to become a member is required before a mixtape can be uploaded on the site. Also, information on the mixtape also needs to be provided in order to create an account on the site.

mixconnect.com – To upload music on the site only requires an e-mail address, password and username as the registration details. The artist can then share their mixtape on different social networks and upgrade it as well.

torrent-mixtape.com – The site is known to release mixtapes daily which makes it ideal for artists that want their single out there within a short time period.

allmixtapes.com – Artists can upload their mixtape on the site and then they are categorized according to the time period when they were submitted, by the artists name and also by title. This makes it easier for users of the site to quickly find their desired mix tape.

greenhitz.com – Djs and artists can upload a mixtape on the site after creating an account on the site so that they are able to sign in every time they need to make changes or add other tapes.

247mixtapes.com – The site requires an artist to fill an online form providing information on their mixtape so that it can be uploaded.

mixtapefactory.com – The sign up for artists on the site is free and can be done through social networks as well, making it easier to upload mixtapes to be sampled by music enthusiasts.