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Grow Your Instagram Business Organically With SocialTurnUp

Why go organic?

It’s better for your Instagram business. Similar to organic food, an organic following takes longer to create. But when it starts growing, people take notice and start to genuinely interact with your brand.

Bounce rates go down on your website. Sales conversion rates skyrocket.

It seems like a no-brainer that you’d want to focus most of your efforts on growing an organic following and skip the paid ads.

But not so fast.


Just like organic food at the grocery store, lots of people are hesitant to pay the price.

And we’re not talking about dollar bills.

Anybody can throw money at some Instagram ads and hope for the best. That’s not hard to do.

But growing an organic following? That takes patience. That takes experimentation and going through the trouble to REALLY understand your target audience.

Not everybody is up for that challenge.

But Social Turn Up is.

We’re not just a social media marketing service. We’re a group of people that LOVE the challenge of growing an Instagram account with virtually no following. We get excited when our clients grow into their potential.

So what do you get when you hire Social TurnUp to grow your Instagram business organically? You get a dedicated account executive that works to build your business everyday as you sleep.

What does this account executive do? While many social media marketing services will be secretive about their “methods” used to grow your account- Social Turn Up will be up front.

Here’s the interaction strategy you can expect, and the method behind the madness



First, we pick out a few target accounts in your niche to follow.

Specifically, we use micro influencers, since their followers have been proven to be more engaged than large celebrity accounts. Beyond that, we pick accounts in very specific niches, and there is a good reason for this.

No matter which niche you are in,  you want to go specific. The reason for this is the more specific the niche is, the more likely it is that the followers of that niche will be truly interested in the content.

For example, let’s look at the golf niche. You might be tempted to follow Tiger Woods- after all, he is a famous golfer. However, Tiger is a celebrity. There are many people that do not play golf who follow him. If you wanted to find people who for sure play golf, you should pick an account that only golfers would know about- like one that sells golfing gloves, bags, and clubs.

We choose  accounts with followers who are highly engaged.  As a general rule of thumb, we only follow accounts that have at least 10% of their followers engaging with their content. So if an account has 5,000 followers, they should be getting at least 500 likes on their pictures. You want to follow accounts with high engagement because it increases the likelihood that their followers will engage with your content as well.



 We only like accounts that we are already following, and that have followers which are highly engaged in the target account’s content.

Our research has shown us that liking photos from accounts who you do not follow is vastly ineffective, and a waste of time. Typically, we will like two photos from each account- their most recent one, and a photo from a few weeks back.

The result? Super effective!


 Our comments are always specific, and never generic. We stay away from writing things like “great shot” or “love this”.

Instead, we grab attention by asking thoughtful questions.

For example, let’s say someone takes a picture of a new shirt they just bought- but it is not clear what brand the shirt is.

We’d say something like “hey, love your shirt! What is the brand? I’d love to get one for myself!”

And that’s just the beginning. Want to hear about our entire plan for your Instagram business account?

Get in touch with Social Turn Up today for a free consultation!