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How To Build and Keep Active Followers

Before we begin, there’s something that you should know, or in this case, something that you should make sure you do. When you’re trying to build a following, and lead those views to your content, you will have to have a good strategy to direct them. Basically, how are the fans supposed to view your content if you don’t tell them where to go? Or, you can ask yourself, “Do you really think that a new fan will want to go searching all over the web for an artist that hasn’t made it big yet?” Think about it for a second. Your internet presence will not be that deep yet, so, instead of sending any new fans on a wild goose chase through the chaos known as the internet, make sure to place a link for them to follow.

Preferably, this link should be in your social media bio. Your bio is a one-stop-shop of information on who you are and what you’re about, so having a link that will lead to your content would not be shocking. Hell, most people have links that lead to different areas of their online presence. Their Instagram will lead fans to their Twitter, which will lead fans to their Facebook and YouTube accounts, and these accounts will lead back to their Instagram and Twitter. It may seem complicated, but really, it’s smart. It makes sure that no matter which accounts you heard about them on, you will be able to follow them on all of the rest. So, update your bio with fresh links. Update your Soundcloud link with new popular tracks or maybe your whole profile, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

1️⃣ First Tactic

Keep a consistent mindset when you go out to promote your music. You will want to keep your recent tracks playing in the minds of your fans. The main thing that you will want to keep in mind is the short attention span that social media gives people. I’m sure you can think back to a time when you were online, and you had a single focus on your mind, but half an hour later, you’re still online, and you can’t figure out what you even got online for. That’s the power of social media.

There are so many things happening that you will want to remind your fans that you’re still active. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will have to post a new song every day, but when you do post a new song, make sure you promote it well. Try posting a minimum of monthly, this way you can keep the promotion of your new song high, which will give the fans enough time to hear it, and this will also give you enough time to promote next month’s song.

2️⃣ Second Tactic

This is something completely simple, yet, can never be overstated. DO NOT release a song that is poorly recorded. What does this mean? When you record your music, you are striving to give the people the best you can offer, right? So, don’t record songs that sound bad under any circumstance. It doesn’t matter if it was recorded in a bad location, with bad equipment, or in a bad situation. You will never get the support that you’re clawing after if your songs sound like you recorded them off of an old detective movie voice recorder.

I get it, times could be tough, and you just don’t have the funds to be paying for studio time, or you can’t afford to buy that high-end equipment. We’ve all been there, no worries. If that’s the case for you, then head over Here, where we review the best quality microphones for the low.

You’ll find something that fits your budget, and you can keep from sending out songs that don’t stand up to the quality that you want to be known for. Just remember, don’t let all of that effort that you put into your music go to waste. Give it your all and your fans will show you their appreciation by supporting your rise and buying your content.