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How To Promote Your Mixtape Online For Free

How to promote your music online

Music promotion is big business in many countries as there are many music labels and public promo companies that offer the service at a fee. However, not everyone is able to afford to use these music promoters to make sure that their single or band becomes known to their target audience. In such circumstances, it is important to develop self promotion skills that go a long way in ensuring that the music gets into the right hands. It is common to find many people promoting their Mixtape online but the reality is many of them do not achieve their goals because they do not have a solid strategy behind their activities. Some of the proven ways on how to promote your Mixtape online include:


You can create a promotional or fan page for fans of the music where you upload music videos and photos and share information on any upcoming events among others. Most times, the people invited to the page are able to give comments on the music and even share it on their own personal page and with friends so that it reaches a wider audience.


Creating a twitter handle for the single or Mixtape is a good place to start as it allows you to send tailored made tweets to your followers. Post photos of music Shows or album art that followers can retweet on their timeline alongside any other tweets send out to them. When having an event, tweet live photos or information on the activities taking place to keep your audience engaged.


Upload your music videos on YouTube in the full version to allow many people to sample them and rate them. Most times, if the music is good many people will download them and even share them with their friends on the site. Since the site records the amount of views on a daily basis, you will be able to know if the video is popular or not to the target audience.

Make your own website

Having a personal website is also important as it enhances professionalism in music promotion and allows fans to get more information about the music. The information provided should revolve around you as an artist, upcoming events and any other thing that will make fans get excited and keep coming back.

Rap forums

These forums are a good place to provide links to your social network pages and websites to allow people to listen to the music and also learn more about the artist. Also, it allows for engagement with other artists on their own music while giving them an opportunity to sample some of your own music and encourage them to share with others.

Email blast

Select a number of people that you would like to sample the music and send them a link to your music video through an e-mail. These people can be close friends that are in the music industry or other professionals that are always looking for new artists to sponsor.

Word Of Mouth

Last but not least the simple word of mouth promoting your tape has been and will always be the easiest way to get some real people into listening to your tape.