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Gain 5000 Streams Or Views to Your Music in 24 Hrs

Gain 5000 Streams Or Views to Your Music in 24 Hrs

We’ve all been in situations where we waited for something to come for so long, and it got to the point where it almost seemed like it wasn’t going to come at all. Tapping the refresh button so much that eventually, it had to be considered internet abuse. Not to mention, the arthritis we start to develop in our fingers from all of that tap, tap, tapping. Well, if you ever get bored continuously hitting their refresh button, and you decide that you want to do something to help you views grow, then you might want to give Email Marketing a try.

📨 Email Marketing – the quickest way to send your content out to 2,000+ people in one sitting, so yeah, it certainly couldn’t hurt your views. But, what’s even more important is the fact that it’s simple to get started. Learn the benefits 

With Instagram being one of the most viewed social media accounts in today’s era, it’s no wonder that it’s used by many artists to further their email lists. The goal is simple, and most people that follow your Instagram is already saying that they’re interested in hearing more from you. So, when you think about it, you’re actually doing them a favor in offering them a link to your Opt-In page. Whoever said that you aren’t a generous person, obviously didn’t know you very well.


Bio Banner socialturnupAdding a link to your bio will help you gain emails quickly by the number of views your page gets. This number increases just by offering your content to a select number of people who already have an interest in what you’re offering. Your bio is read by thousands of people each day who find your account by using keywords in their searches on Instagram. Think about it, the only thing someone would have to do is click on your page to see your link which will lead them down to your optin page.

So, try to be creative with your bio. The last thing you want is to bore people enough that they stopped reading your bio halfway through, which brings me to the second point. There is no need for a 15page essay. I get it, you’ve got a lot to say. But there was a saying growing up that I know we’ve all heard “There’s a time and a place for everything. Your bio should be short and sweet, engaging, creative, and leave the viewer wanting more. Also, remember, less may be more in this situation, but definitely leave some meat on that bone.

Once you have your bio down, the next step will actually be getting people to view it. This step may be simple, but you’ll definitely need to make sure you that you put the time in, and do everything the right way. What you want to do is start engaging with people that fit into your desired fan base, whomever these fans may be. Follow hashtags that offer you the best opportunity to talk to new people, while also giving you the opportunity to show them you have the skills that fit what they need and want.

Even if it is a double click kind of format, Instagram is a social media account, so, be social. Talk to them about what kind of music they like, what kind of music you make, and try to find common ground to get them interested enough to click on your page and click on the link in your bio. Remember, it’s easy to find support when you are supporting others. So, don’t be afraid to go on someone else’s page and give them the same support you want to get in return. This will not only build new fans, but it can also lead to you being endorsed by other artists, which could lead to you getting more fans from their account.

Trying to find a way to engage with people and increasing your social media presence online can be difficult for most beginners. Some people may have the mentality of it is what it is, but

that’s the worst kind of attitude to have in this situation. Engagement on social media is one of the quickest ways to get more new fans interested in your content, so it shouldn’t be overlooked. If you need more information on how to get this done and how to engage, and increase your social media status, then you may want to try looking up the Instagram Growth Hack eBook”. Click here

This book not only goes into the details about engaging with new people, but it also shows you different methods that you can use to increase your follower count substantially. Let’s be realistic, we all want to watch our follower count grow. So, think about it, wouldn’t you want to use every tool at your disposal to get the kind of following that Fitness trainers, Models, and self-help Gurus get? Wouldn’t you like to have all of those endorsements they get from posting content online? If you do, then picking up this book should be a no-brainer. In the end, you have to ask yourself, are you willing to pass this knowledge up, and how far are you willing to go to get the information that could make you a success?

If you still have questions about how email marketing can help you in your future, then let me put those worries to rest for you. Email Marketing gives you the chance to send out thousands of targeted emails in less than an hour. So let’s put it like this, sending out your emails to 5000 subscribers, and getting a 1% return in clicks, will get you 50 people who have an interest in your content, and keep in mind that this number is the worst case scenario.

Many people using email marketing see more than a 1% increase from their clicks if emails are properly targeted and their content is what the people in their list want. But again, let’s be realistic. If they’re on your email list and subscribed to your content, then it’s a safe bet that they’re interested in more than just getting new emails that they’re not going to view. So, increase your

email list, turn that 5000 into 10000, that 50 into 100, then sit back and watch the money flow into your bank account. It can’t get easier than that, can it?

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