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Instagram is Starting to Show View Counts on Videos

Instagram View Counter Update

A big update has recently occurred that will make big time social media users extremely happy

Instagram recently added an update that allows the tracking of video views. If this doesn’t make you jump up and down with joy, don’t worry.

This is a key update for those wishing to promote through Instagram and evaluate their content. Everyday users will still enjoy the knowledge that people are watching their videos, but the big deal lies with people who have a financial stake in social media.

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This is very important for a few key reasons

First of these being that those who are promoting through Instagram can now track their progress and see how well their marketing and promoting strategy is working.

The second reason is that it now gives you a physical counter for pushing yourself out into the marketing sector of social media. The more views you have, the more notoriety your video will have, similar to Youtube.

This allows you to boost up your Instagram marketing power through increased views.

As I said, this means little to the average user, but to someone who’s looking to make financial gain, this is a huge step in their direction towards success.

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