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Method to make easy $$$ with your free music

Your music can help you pay your bills. You can share your music with the world and get paid!

You know how there are so many videos on YouTube with background music. you can produce the music YouTubers will use to add their videos. you get paid from YouTube to use your track

But before you do anything, you will need to make accounts on some online music distributors .

Sign up with bmi, Distrokid or CD Baby which are great for upcoming artist.

Next you will need a company to collect the royalties from your music. Audiam is a world renowned company for this.

Now it is time for production. Make sure its quality  material Make as many tracks as you can. whether its beats or songs.

Finally it is time to publish your beat or song.

you will need barcodes and isrc codes when you publish it

You can put your music on YouTube and other audio sites like Soundcloud. You can promote your music as “Background Music for Videos”

From big companies to amateur rappers, everyone is looking for good music.

Soon enough someone will use your track or beats  you get payed $_$!

This is a great source of passive income.

You can start collecting royalties for YouTube advert plays which are so common nowadays.

If you think your music does not have a chance, think again as there are many people who want backing music for their videos, adverts or songs.

when YouTube and adverts play before or between these videos, the royalty

collectors you signed up with will get royalties from those adverts.

It is a simple but gradual process so you will need to be a little patient until your beats turn a buck. Do not stop promoting as promotion is the key.