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Mixtape Distribution

💽 Submit Your Music and Get Mixtape Distribution on The Top Sites With Just The Click Of a Button!

Get mixtape distribution published, promoted, and recognized on some of the top mixtape sites on the internet. Sites like, Datpiff, MyMixtape, Spinrilla, and more. Get your music published in a matter of hours without having to go through the taxing user applications that most sites will have artist fill out. If you are looking for a way to bypass all of the drama and time-consuming applications just to get your music on today’s mixtape sites, then this is the service for you.

Now, there are those that are not sure about these different sites. Let’s be real for a second, they may offer you the same service (upload mixtape, and share your music with the public), but most of them are not the same. The differences can be confusing to some (don’t worry it was a little confusing to me as well), but when you finally get the hang of it, you’ll see which one of these sites would benefit you the most.

For those that are looking for Free sites to upload your mixtape, you can go HERE and check out some brief descriptions about each of them.

🎧 Get Your Mixtape Uploaded

When you think about what it offers, some thoughts may pop into your mind. It’s a normal part of life, right? We all have questions before we start something, and those questions only grow when we try to figure out if something is right for us or not. But chill, being the loving guy I am, I would be more than happy to answer some of those questions for you (I know, I’m so generous). Okay, enough of me building up my own ego, let’s get into some of the main questions.

What exactly is this service?

This is a mixtape upload service. Basically, when you’re trying to get your music out to the masses, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of filling out forms until you get arthritic pain in your fingers, use us and we will upload your music for you. Most hosting sites out now have applications for any artist that want to release a mixtape on their site. So, if you thought it would be an easy process (just go to the site, sign in, submit mixtape, and watch the views grow), you’re sadly mistaken.

What’s worse is that these applications have to go through a review process, which means that after all of that hard work that you put in, it can still be denied, which sucks. I mean really, how hard should it be to upload your mixtape? However, with this service, you won’t have to worry about that. When you’re ready to upload your music, just send it to them and let them know when you want it released. And just like that, “Voila,” it’s done (just like magic).

How does it benefit me?

So, when you’re trying to think about all of the ways that this service can benefit you, the only thing you really have to understand is how valuable your time is. Would you rather have your music posted within 24 hours, or would you rather spend your time submitting application after application until it’s finally approved (which could take days, or weeks if you get declined)? I know I’d rather have my music posted quickly, rather than being bored to death by forms that I barely understand.

On top of uploading your music in a timely manner, you will also get your mixtape posted to multiple different sites. Think about how long it would take you to go out and fill out many different applications for many different sites. Then you would have to wait for those applications to get approved (and that’s only if it DOES get approved). I’m getting a headache just thinking about it. However, if you use our service, we will take that stress away from you. They’ll upload your music on all of the top sites, (Datpiff, MyMixtape, Spinrilla, Audiomack, etc.), and the only thing you would have to do is focus on creating your content. What could be better?

What Do You need from me?

 It’s  pretty simple, what we will need you from you is

  • Mixtape Title
  • Song Mp3
  • Artist Name
  • Bio


⬆️ Upgrade Your Package!

Speaking of your music, if you decide to go with the upgraded package of this service, then you will also be able to get an added promotional deal along with everything else. I know right, score. If you’re looking for a way to grow your notoriety, and build a buzz for your mixtape, then how can you pass this up? Get promoted on popular Hip Hop blog  Tophotmuzik, and their Instagram page. It’s like having an A&R team at the palm of your hands.

Where else can you find a service that will release your music around the web and promote your music on a blog tailored to your target audience? There is no way your music won’t be streamed and downloaded. This upgraded package is especially beneficial to new artists who are just starting out (and looking to build something from nothing), but even to veteran artists who are in need of little assistance with their promotions and getting their music out to a larger and targeted group of people.

How Do I Start?

You can go ahead and click below and start. Think about everything that you will gain, all the stress that you’ll leave behind (and with the upgraded package), all of the extra benefits that many other services don’t offer. By obtaining this service, you’ll be leading your career down a path of success that you could only imagine in your wildest dreams.

So again, if you’re ready to start yourself down a path of stardom, skipping down that yellow brick road to all of your dreams and desires, then click on the button below. You’ll be sent to the sign up page and your journey will begin. Also, if you’re looking for more information about the service, check out their Terms of Service bellow (not like you need any more motivation, but a little more information never hurt anyone).

Terms of Service

1. There are NO bots involved, only manual distribution. One of the most important benefits of the service is that they will not hand off your content to some Bot and let them do all the work. This service is done manually by our team and it will be handled personally. Basically, what this means is that the service will not come across as spam. When they handle the service personally, they make sure that they handle any necessary problems that can arise.


2. No pay-for-play. The service will upload your music to the streaming site without the complications of a pay-for-play situation. To put it simply, their goal is to make the process easy for you and your fans. So, they make sure that you’re fans are not being charged for their support of you. There will be no money changing hands that you’re not involved in. Your content is still yours.


3. Will always show give you confirmation of work. We will make sure we share each site URL your mixtape is hosted on with you. So, whatever site we upload your music to, we will share the link to that site. You’ll never be left in the dark wondering where is my music, and what is it being used for. This service also extends to be upgraded package. If you get the upgraded package, then you will also be able to see your content promoted on their website and social media accounts.