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Myth: YouTube Subscribers are Important

Have you ever been a fan of somebody’s content on YouTube, and I mean like have you spent every day consistently checking to see if they have updates, but then all of a sudden you haven’t heard from them in a while, and when you go searching for them you can’t find them either? 🤷‍♂️

The biggest problem facing social media is that people accounts get deleted all the time and sometimes for no good reason. If you don’t think that this is possible, or you haven’t experienced it before, you’re probably the lucky ones. Hell, I know I followed people for a long time on social media, and I have no idea today what happened to them. Do you know why you can’t find them? It’s simple, sites like YouTube which are content-driven owns the rights to the subscribers that you get. What this means is if you lose all of your subscribers tomorrow you won’t be able to get them back in any easy way. The one way many artists have been able to get over this situation is by getting their subscribers to also subscribe to their email list. You may not have the rights to your subscribers on YouTube directly, but what is in your email list is all yours.

Think about this, have you ever had a MySpace page before? I know I had one back in the day, and there’s a lot of information on there that I wish I still had. Including, but not limited to, my friend list. Hell, I’ll take you back even further. For some people, this name may not mean anything, and for others, it may be a blast in the past. Have you ever had a Bebo account? I know right, some people are looking at the screen like “What the heck is that,” and others are remembering all of those embarrassing teenage moments. Whichever one you are the point still remains the same.

Bebo was eventually replaced by a more successful Myspace, and this was eventually replaced by a more successful Facebook, and now Facebook, which was once the most popular social media account you could come across, is slowly being driven out by the likes of Instagram as the most popular. All of these friends, fans, and people that you would love to keep in contact with are gone at the snap of a finger because these social media accounts own the rights to your lists.

However, if the same fans were subscribers to your email list, then all you would have to do is send out a blast email to all of your fans letting them know that you are on a new account. You could let them know that you are on the new Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. With the rise of a new social media around the corner, and yes, there is always one around the corner, an email list will allow you to send out your account or content to your fans and always stay in contact no matter the situation. Your subscribers will know where you are, they will know which account is actually yours, and not some fake account made by someone else, and they will help you get verified faster on the new websites, which could gain you more fans in the long run.