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New Soundcloud Tips: How to Grow As a Artist

In an age of hypercompetition within the music industry, optimizing a SoundCloud profile for record label discovery is absolutely essential (or massive amounts of traffic if labels aren’t your thing). Once viewership catches-on, there is no telling how successful a career can get – but nowadays, there is more to it than just bars; you need to know tech, too. So, how do you turn into a Post Malone success story? Here are some pinpoints to help get you started on going platinum.









Treat your SoundCloud Profile Like Art Itself

You know as well as anyone else, seeing low-quality cover art while scrolling through SoundCloud search results is oddly extremely annoying – but then again, no one wants to see a graint image when the tech. is out there to make a fully-HD album cover.

“Upload artwork for your tracks and albums. The higher resolution – the better. You can zoom and reposition your artwork or images during the upload process to get the perfect fit,” SoundCloud said in their blog post. This will ensure that you will look official, professional and that you are an all-around artist – which is an image you need to portray in today’s day-in-age.

Keep in mind, cover art is not the only piece to shine up. Titles, descriptions and artist name (you) should be obviously present. Why? One, because that way people do not need to spend time making sure they have the official (and hopefully highest quality) audio – any views on other accounts are lost customers for that listening sesh. And two, because this allows SoundCloud to boost your account with its algorithmic process to the highest level possible. According to SoundCloud, “When uploading to an editorial or label account, title your tracks as “Artist Name – Track Title” to ensure the artist is identified and a track isn’t attributed just to the SoundCloud account.”

So now your account looks ready for an Atlantic Records exec., but how can they actually find it?




Use SoundCloud Tags to Increase the “Searchability” of your Tracks

Search Engine Optimization, or S.E.O., is a techy term that simply refers to how easy something can be found on a search engine – say Google or in this case, SoundCloud. A webpage or track with high S.E.O. will be found at the top of search results and won’t be buried in the deep web where only the anglerfish of society lurk – probably people who won’t be listening to your new freestyle.

SoundCloud makes this process easy by adding “mood” and “genre” tags to tracks. By selecting the most accurate mood and genre of your track, users will find your music in an extremely more streamlined fashion, compared to having no tags and leaving it up to SoundCloud to guess (or just spit out randomly). Careful though, don’t go overboard as this looks like “cheating” to the system and as an artist you can be punished by being pushed further down the charts if people aren’t clicking the song that shows up first when they hit the results page. In the words of SoundCloud, “In addition to selecting a main genre, tag your tracks with a few relevant sub-genres and any moods that you think describe the track. It’s better to add a handful of relevant tags rather than go crazy and add as many as you can.”

Think of it as online shopping – when you want new red sneakers, you go to the desired brand’s website and filter your results to show “men” or “women” shoes that are “sneakers” in the color “red and “size 9” – your new pair of kicks – or in this instance song – will pop right up.

Alright, your SoundCloud is almost ready to hit the Grammy’s – the final step is simple…



Keep Uploading Content

Nobody likes to follow an Instagram account that uploads a picture once every other month – it’s the same way with SoundCloud. By keeping an active profile, users will stay engaged with your content – this means more ears, increased shares and naturally skyrocketed buzz around new tracks.

It makes sense, really. The more artists upload, the deeper listeners can dive into a profile and find songs that they truly vibe with. SoundCloud ensures the fluidity of uploading, but making it possible to upload new tracks that may be older in your discography – meaning that on your profile page, they will stay congruent with your release timeline – but on a user’s feed, they will show up as a freshly uploaded track – getting them pumped to check it out and in the process, learn more about who you musically are as an artist.

This process is used by some of the greats to generate hype about new releases. Users like Chance the Rapper, G-Eazy and Wiz Khalifa have all been known to randomly throw in some old remixes of classic slaps and thus, get publications like Complex and Hypebeast talking. By using the link soundcloud.com/you/tracks one is able to edit multiple tracks at once, giving them more time to create and taking up less to update and optimize a profile. If it works for them, who says it can’t for you?