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How To Outsmart Facebook’s Video Ranking Algorithm

According to a study done by SocialBakers, Facebook Videos get more reach than ANY other type of post. In fact, you get an average organic reach increase of 135% when you post a video instead of a photo.

With 3 billion Facebook video views every day, it’s no secret that it’s the hottest marketing tool available right now.

But how do you get views?

If you already have an established presence on Facebook (at least 30K followers with high daily engagement rates), getting traction on your videos won’t be too difficult.

But what about everyone else? What about when you’re starting from scratch with little to no followers? That’s the boat that 99% of businesses are in.

If you want to grow the slow way- be our guest. But be warned, it will take you years before you make significant progress. Years of operating at a loss.


Because of Facebook’s algorithms. The way the system works is that Facebook pushes content to the top of people’s newsfeeds that It finds relevant- usually content with lots of views, likes, comments and shares.

This is great for established businesses that already have lots of people liking, commenting, and sharing their content as soon as it’s posted. Facebook sees this as affirmation that the content is “good”, and promotes it further.

However, as you’ve probably already experienced- the newbies get left out. They don’t have enough immediate support to get traction, so Facebook decides to ignore their videos.

It’s a snowball effect where the rich get richer, and the poor stay poor.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

At Social Turn Up, we pride ourselves on figuring ways around Facebook’s Bull****.

We’re proud to release our new Facebook Video View service, which gets you views from real people in your niche.

This serves a twofold purpose.

Your initial view count will rapidly increase, and create brand new fans for your product or service.
The initial views you get will kick start Facebook’s algorithm- pushing you to the front of people’s newsfeed and getting even MORE views.