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Music Promotion through Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media application, but not the first one that comes to mind when you think of promoting you music. You can take videos and pictures and allow people to watch and view them. Seems simple enough, and fairly disconnected from the marketing world. However, that’s where you would be mistaken.

Instagram has recently made an update that shows the view count on videos that you upload. You can learn more about that if you click here. For those who already know about it, this is big.

Instagram takes on a ranking system, where having more views makes your video more popular and more easily found to watch. This is extremely valuable change for those looking to push their music through Instagram.

The more views you have, the higher the rank, which means more people will watch it, and it spreads your music even farther than normal.

You might be thinking, “This is great, but you can’t advertise your Instagram posts as easily as Facebook.” Prior to this update, you’d be correct.

You can buy Instagram views to help boost your ranking.

Instagram has around 400 million users, a pool that is too large to not capitalize on.

When you increase your Instagram views, you open the valve to that pool that allows more people to flow into your tank of music promotion and sales, which is like gold to someone looking to sell their music.

SocialTurnUp allows you the key that unlocks that valve to jump start your promotion. With higher views, your rank increases, and more people will watch your videos, and thus lead to more people following you and purchasing your music and merchandise. Not only this, but other people who use Instagram will also promote for you by sharing their own videos of your content.