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Our soundcloud combo pack is the greatest package for any artist that’s trying to build up there buzz on one of the biggest music platform out there. There is so many artist and listeners on soundcloud, you would be insane not to use it as a platform. With a mixture of SoundCloud plays and likes there’s no telling who your music might attract and where it might go. Your track can wind up on the soundcloud charts and get even more stream and likes. Record labels, A&R’s, major artist and business might land on your music and like what they hear. You and many others know your music is great but you don’t have the right push to put your music in front of people, Here’s your chance!

No Plays = No Attention

The first thing people look at when they land on your music is your plays, it shows popularity.

“Listen I’m not gonna waste my time checking your track out but has no plays” – is what almost every person thinks

Ask yourself what track would you listen to, a track with 25,000 plays and 500 likes or a track with 10 plays and 0 likes? 99% of the time you”ll click on the one with 25,000 plays and 500 likes. Why? because of Curiosity, it’s human nature. People want to find out why a song has that many plays and likes.

People ride bandwagons. If others think your song is hot they will think the same thing. People want to fit in.

Music nowadays is a business and you missed treated as such. In order for your business to grow you must invest in it

Record labels treat music as a product. they don’t care how it sounds they only care if its popular or viral.

You want to start booking shows? You want to look like an established artist?