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Just uploaded your mixtape? selling a product? promoting your song? Twitter is the 1# Social media site, its getting bigger then Facebook. If your a artist then you know having a twitter account is a must. Show your followers that you actually have people supporting you, and a fan base. You want to show anyone that is watching your tweets that you have people actually liking your music or product


How To Get Retweets On Twitter


Twitter has emerged as one of the most powerful free marketing tools on the Internet. It is perfect for anyone that is trying to sell a product or service, or just people that want to promote themselves as artists, musicians, writers or comedians. One of the best ways to get the most from your Twitter account is by getting retweets from quality accounts. can help you get quality Twitter retweets that will help drive more traffic to your account, Music or product.

Quality Accounts = No Eggs
There are many services out there that promise to deliver Twitter retweets. However, many of these services do not use real users, which leads to a lot of retweets from fake accounts, many of which will not even have a proper avatar. When Twitter users see a tweet from an account with an egg for an avatar they know it is probably not a real person.

Just by purchasing one of the  packages (starting at $12) you will get thousands of retweets, most of which come from real, active users on Twitter. All of the retweets will come from accounts with proper avatars, pics and bios. With you don’t have to worry about getting retweets from eggs.

What You Will Get
By purchasing one of the packages you will get:

-Quality Twitter retweets from accounts with avatars. No eggs!
-Great promotion for your product or yourself
-Fast delivery.

It is easy to see how this service could kick start a Twitter campaign or simply allow you to show off by getting retweets from thousands of active users.

How Much Does it Cost?
One of the best parts of this service is the low cost. Here is a breakdown of  you will get:

-2,000 retweets for just $12
-5,000 for $24
-8,000 retweets for $48
-10,000 Twitter retweets for $96


How To Find Your Tweet Link?:
1)Locate the Tweet you want to use

2)Click on the Tweet (you can click anywhere in the Tweet) Then “expand”.

3)Next click on “Details” next to the Tweet’s time stamp

4)Copy the URL that shows up in your browser’s address bar.

5)Paste it above and “add to cart”