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Rap Music and its Influence to Our Behavior and Attitude

Rap Music and its Influence to the Behavior and Attitude of Teens

Although rap music can be a diverse genre, majority of it usually contains profanity and slang words. Music videos illustrate dangerous fantasies that can be glamorous for the eyes of any person. This typically shows aspirations and realities among those artists who have experienced life in a poor community.

Rap music normally contains lyrics that has intense emotions and tells a tale of men and woman that came from rags and now has riches. For young teens nowadays, the life of rap artists is a dream that they may achieve too.

People that are located in poor communities find rap music as a way to escape reality. It shows fantasies with glamour, sex appeal, and wealth which teens are always drawn to. With this kind of music in their community, they can connect with their peers and also release what they feel inside.

Influences of Rap Music to Violence and Behavior

Influences of Rap Music to Violence and Behavior

Like what was mentioned earlier, rap lyrics may contain violence because of the dangerous and exciting lifestyle of the artists. While other songs propose solutions to violence around their community, but it all depends on the artists themselves.

Research shows that young teens who listen to violent rap music have higher chance to committing crime in the future. Because of the drugs, guns and money that are constantly shown on rap videos and lyrics, teens tend to copy and make a life out of it.
When it comes to sexual behaviors, there is no exact music genre that can be pointed out that influences teens to engage in sexual relationships. Some rap songs promote healthy relationships, but others have explicit sexual contents.

According to research, teens from the African American community who spends more time watching sexualized images in music videos tend to engage more in sexual behaviors. And with the pressure among their peers, more and more teens get involved with each other.

Additional research shows that teens who watch these kinds of videos for more or less than 14 hours every week has a higher chance of having destructive behaviors. They have more than three times of getting involved with sexual contacts with multiple partners. And also has a higher chance of getting arrested or use alcohol and drugs.

If you have a teen that’s interested in rap music, it’s not the end of your world. Some foundations use positive rap music to influence teens to have better understanding with their community and their peers. They can have greater awareness when it comes to adult issues like money, drugs and even guns.