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Secret Way to Download Any Track on Soundcloud For Free

Get Free Music Downloads with These Easy Alternatives

These days, music is one of the most common simple pleasures that people take time to chase after. There’s nothing more enjoyable than finding a new beat by one of your favorite producers aside from being able to download it and have it with you wherever you go.

While it’s absolutely understandable for musicians to put their tracks for sale on platforms like iTunes, there is no denying that buying music has become less than pleasant for a lot of individuals. If you’re one of the many people who want to get music free, you’ve probably already tried every alternative available.

There are some lesser known ways to get free music downloads today however, and these alternatives make it possible for individuals to enjoy their favorite songs wherever, whenever for absolutely no cost.

Want to know how you can get free music? Find out more by reading these top free music downloading sites.

5 Websites to Get Free Music on Soundcloud

Anything2MP3Anything2MP3 is a Soundcloud downloader website that allows people to convert media from online resources into mp3 files for storing and listening to on their devices. The website is pretty straightforward to use and charges absolutely nothing for those who avail of the service. Basically, an individual would enter the URL of their chosen video or audio file and paste it on the available box at the website’s homepage. Clicking convert will begin the process of converting the media into an mp3 file regardless of its original file type. The user then gets prompted to download and save the file onto their device for absolutely free.

SCDownloader – Soundcloud Downloader is a simple online tool that provides users the opportunity to take tracks from Soundcloud and save files for absolutely free. It works pretty much the same as the previously mentioned website, with the sole exception that it’s mainly intended for Soundcloud audio files. Users also have the option to install a playlist downloader Google Chrome add-on that allows individuals to download complete Soundcloud playlists at a single time.

Soundflush – When you visit Soundflush, expect to be greeted by a minimalist website design that has nothing more than a website description, a blank box for URLs, and perhaps an advertisement or two. Soundflush allows individuals to download their favorite Soundcloud tracks for free by simply entering the URL and converting it to an mp3 format for storage.

9SoundCloudDownloader 9SoundcloudDownloader works in the same way as the previously mentioned websites, aside from the fact that it has a playlist downloader option and a Google Chrome add-on feature that allows individuals to download songs from Soundcloud directly from the site without having to open a 9SoundCloudDownloader tab.

SoundCloudMP3 – SoundCloudMP3 sets itself apart from other Soundcloud downloader options because it allows a 2-hour audio length limit allowing users to download much longer files compared to other alternatives. Aside from that specific feature, SoundcloudMP3 works in a similar way, requiring users to input the URL of their chosen track for conversion and storage.