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SoundCloud Adds “Scheduling” Feature So You Can Sleep At Night

Imagine the following scenario:

You’ve just recorded what you believe is your best track yet. It’s not just great. It’s game changing.

Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars have been spent on recording, and countless hours have been logged in the studio.

It’s time to tell the world.

You promote the crap out of it on social media. Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. YouTube. Every fan of yours on every platform is aware of its release date.

It’s set to be shamelessly enjoyed by all of SoundCloud 1 month from now.

The hype is building.

But as any musician does, you get busy. Besides playing gigs and managing and promoting your music as often as possible, you PROBABLY have a day job that you have to go to as well.

Unless you happen to be a trust fund kid, you gotta pay bills.

So, what happens when your release date creeps up on you, and you realize that you need to quickly upload the song you’ve worked so hard on for months to SoundCloud.

What happens when you click upload before you head off to work, only to discover 12 hours later that your song file was corrupted, and your track never uploaded.

Yeah, that’s pretty embarrassing. Way to leave all your fans hanging.

That’s why SoundCloud just unveiled their “Scheduling” feature, which allows you to upload your track way in advance, giving the platform permission to release your song on your desired date.

Whether you’re touring, or waiting tables at a TGIF Fridays, it takes a lot of stress off your shoulders when it comes to making sure the “big day” is a big success, and not a cringe worthy failure.

SoundCloud only makes this feature available to users who are subscribed to their Pro Unlimited account.

So the next question naturally is…..Is the premium account worth it?

Besides the new feature, here’s what also comes with SoundCloud Pro unlimited.

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited:

All of the features that come with Pro

  • No Upload Limit
  • You can see which cities your listeners are in
  • See the webpages and apps your tracks are played from

Cost: $15 a month.

If you pay for a year upfront its $135, which is $11.25 a month.  

Honestly, if youre going to get a paid SoundCloud account- you might as well get Unlimited Pro for a couple bucks more.  Not because of the unlimited upload time- most songs are 3 to 5 minutes long; 6 hours of upload time is far more than enough.

You should get it for the analytics that reveal which cities your fans reside in. This type of data can make the difference between a profitable tour, and one that features lonely nights and empty venues.

If you consider your music a career path (as opposed to a hobby) just think of it as a very worthy investment.

So what do you think?

Has the new “scheduling” feature convinced you to shell out a few extra bucks per month for SoundCloud Pro unlimited? Find out the Benefits of Soundcloud Pro