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Soundcloud Promotion Tips To Gain The Upper Hand

soundcloud Promotion Tips

Tips for Promoting Your Music Through SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a great way for you to push your music. You can upload your songs, respond to people who viewed and commented, and really build a public profile that other social outlets like Youtube and Instagram simply don’t offer. It gives you a way to have a physical portfolio of your work in a much more professional manner. With this, there are ways that you optimize how your music is spread.

Tip #1: Social Media

The first of these is to utilize the wonderful tool of social media, which we’ve talked about in previous entries. Social media is amazing because it allows you to send your music to  nearly everyone. Facebook alone has over half a billion users. That’s a lot of new faces and new ears for your music. Not to mention Twitter, Instagram, and several other outlets that people use all together. Always push your music through social media as much as you can. This will be the most effective way to get as many people to notice you and your music.

Tip #2: Join Soundcloud Groups

The second of these tips is to utilize SoundCloud’s feature of establishing groups. Find groups relating to your genre, style, or just large scale general group, to help promote your music. Upload your songs to these groups, that way when people want to find music in your genre, they can go to that group and be greeted with your track. It also gives you chances to network with other artists, which will be talked about below.

Tip #3: Quality

The third tip is the guarantee the quality of your music, more so in the recording quality. Nobody likes a song that sounds like it was recorded at home on a cassette, and thus, they won’t listen to it. Plain and simple.

A good song needs better recording. This is the first thing that any listener will notice. Before the lyrics, the melody, or the instruments, someone hearing your song for the first time will hear the quality of which is was recorded. This makes it one of the most important values in your music.

Tip #4: Show Love

The final tip is to show love. Appreciate the work of other artists of your genre, especially when they’re near by. Post their music, give good comments and ratings to their track, and they are sure to do the same.

This networking is very important for any artist. As well as this, make sure to be present to all of your uploaded songs. By this, you should reply to comments and questions relating to your music. Be there for your listeners, and they will notice. People want a musician that relates to their listeners. By strengthening the relationship you have with your audience and with artists in the same genre, you will solidify the foundation that makes up your peer group.

With these tips in mind, you should have an idea of how to present yourself and your music in a professional manner through SoundCloud.