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Start Making Money Off Your Music With YouTube

Start Making MOney Off Your Music With YouTube

So you finally did it. You got up, hit the recording studio, and made that first song.

Great! Now what? Well, now you need to get that song out to the public, and what other place to do so than good ole’ Youtube? Well you picked right, because Youtube offers ways for you to actually profit from that song.

Right now you’re either one of two people: You either already knew how to earn money on Youtube, in which case, good for you. Or, you’re sitting in your chair reading this and thinking “I can make money? That green stuff that buys things?!”

Well my recently mind-blown friend, you can, and if you keep reading, you’ll find out how.

Make Money with AdSense

The easiest and most optimized way to make money is through AdSense, which Youtube personally works with. What they can do for you is take a sample video that you’ve submitted, approve it, and begin placing ads in the video. Little did you know that every time you watch your favorite cat video, and that 10 second clip before the video plays, you just got that Youtuber paid. Nice! AdSense does get a little more complex than this, though.

Cost Per Click ad

There are a few different ways that ads can boost those Youtube earnings of yours. The first is through a Cost Per Click ad. These are those little banners that pop up at the bottom of the video or off to the right of the video, above the playlist. These typically pay more and are often more specific (if you choose so). These get you more money, but let’s be honest here, a majority of people don’t click them. Context of the video will play HEAVILY into this being utilized, which may shy you away, since music on Youtube typically isn’t a sales pitch.

Cost Per View

The next method is Cost Per View, which is that little clip that plays right before the video. These are the easiest way to monetize, because it literally turns your Youtube views to money. Just like that. No clicking, no phone numbers and addresses, just watch it and earn it. This will be your staple, as it is passive and target nonspecific, meaning you don’t need to attract a crowd to a home mortgage for that home loan ad.

You have your song, people view your song, and you get paid. The only offset is that they pay a little less than the Cost Per Click.
If you’re looking at this right now and thinking, “I don’t think this will work for me, I made a song, not a cat video”, well don’t fret! There are other ways of making money off Youtube.

Music Promotion

There are a few more specifics to promoting music than there are simply making Youtube videos and profiting from AdSense. You need to promote yourself in the hopes of expanding. Youtube stars typically look to remain as Youtube starts. You, on the other hand, see venues, concerts, and Platinum Records. How do you take that grand leap into the large world of music? Through promotion.

You need to promote your music all across social media in this day and age. Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; these are all examples of where you should be pushing your music and your name the most. The internet is huge. Like, REALLY huge, which means that there are plenty of people scouting for that talent for their next huge release. You might be thinking, “Alright, social media promotion. What do I do?” Well, unless you’ve got a buddy with some ins with the business, you’ll have to start where most others do: outsource your promotion.

What do I mean by “outsourcing”? Well, this means finding websites who will help promote you while you keep cranking out your tunes. Websites like SocialTurnUp.com allow you purchase Views, Likes, and Subscribers, to help give your video the jump that it needs. While it sounds shady, it’s quite common.

Think about how many videos are uploaded to Youtube every day. It’s somewhere in the realm of tens of millions. That’s a LOT of videos for a scout for a record label, or simply people looking to find good music, to siphon through.

By adding Likes, View, and Subscribers, you can push your video into a much more locatable position. Think of it like preliminary advertising in a new company. They pay people to try out their product, and then say good things about it, which can then be put on the radio, television, or internet.

SocialTurnUp is an example of self-advertising and promotion, and is an important step to take in that huge leap of going public.
Hopefully with this information in mind, you feel confident to take your music to the next level, on Youtube and beyond.