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Thinking About Upgrading To SoundCloud Pro?

It’s no secret that the music scene in 2017 is ultra-competitive. With the barriers to record, upload, and share music so drastically lower, new artists are coming out of the gate at rates in which we’ve never seen before.

In order to stand out, music promotion is basically mandatory now.

Many artists are wondering, “should I promote my SoundCloud?”

Is it worth the investment?

Here’s what you need to know about SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited:

SoundCloud Pro

  • You get twice as much upload time (A free account gets you 3 hours)
  • Access to more stats- including plays by country
  • You can pin tracks and playlists to the top of your profile with their Spotlight feature

Cost: $ 7 a month.

If you pay for a year upfront it’s $63- which breaks down to $5.25 a month.

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited:

  • All of the features that come with Pro
  • No Upload Limit
  • You can see which cities your listeners are in
  • See the webpages and apps your tracks are played from

Cost: $15 a month.

If you pay for a year upfront it’s $135, which is $11.25 a month.

Honestly, if you’re going to get a paid SoundCloud account- you might as well get Unlimited Pro
for a couple bucks more. Not because of the unlimited upload time- most songs are 3 to 5 minutes long, 6 hours of upload time is waaaaaaay more than enough.

Seriously, if you have 6 hours of material posted and you’re not already semi- famous, you need to re-evaluate the kind of music you’re creating.

The reason you should get Unlimited Pro is because of the stats and analytics portion.

Seeing which cities your listeners are located in is invaluable, because that’s the data you’re going to need when deciding places to hit on your tour schedule.

Knowing that information will be the difference between a show that sells shit tons of tickets, or an embarrassingly empty venue.

SoundCloud Pro tells you what country your listeners are located in- but that doesn’t really help much.

“Oh wow, I see I have a bunch of followers from Russia! Let me just hop on a plane, and start randomly playing shows in a country I’ve never been to, and just hope some of my fans happen to show up”

Yeah, it sounds dumb because it is.

Conclusion: Shell out the extra bucks for Unlimited Pro.

In 2017, the majority of money being made is not from music being downloaded and streamed. It’s from tickets sold at live shows.

Data shows that millennials (the most coveted audience demographic) value experiences over things, so this actually makes a lot of sense.

Here’s an example of city/ state data being used smartly.

One Texas based artist noticed that the majority of his fans were based in California. He started out playing local shows in Texas, and once he started making good money (gross $5000 per show) he knew exactly where he should go next when he was ready to do out-of-state performances.

The basic rule to remember is this. Music is a global business, but shows are local- so you need to have a large concentration of local fans in order to put on a good one.

So when asking the question “should I promote my SoundCloud?” – the answer in 2017 is YES.