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Why Being on IG is MANDATORY For Artist’s

When you think of platforms that artists should be producing content on- Facebook and YouTube probably come to mind.

And no doubt- you should be on both those platforms. YouTube is the perfect place to post your 3+ minute music video, and Facebook allows you a wide array of ways in which to interact with your fans.

But financial success as an artist isn’t just about interacting with fans or putting your music out there

 (not with how low record sales are)

Financial success as a musician requires you to have a full-fledged brand- one that produces products and is notorious enough to be worthy of paid endorsements.

And guess what, no other platform allows you to do this better than IG.


You can quickly amass a large number of followers- and you can do it basically for free.

Here’s how it works-

  1. Follow a few “target” accounts in your niche. In this case, your niche will be whatever genre of music your produce. Your target account should be big but not Justin Bieber big. They should have about 100k- 400k followers, and have a 10% engagement rate. This means if they have 100k followers, they should be getting at least 10,000 likes on each photo that they post.  Your goal is to get  their fans to follow you, and like/ comment on your content.
  1. In order to get fans to follow you, you need to first follow them, and then like and comment on their content. In the beginning, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time doing this- but it pays off very quickly.
  1. For your content, you should focus on creating relevant niche specific hashtags that you can start to rank for. Don’t bother with crap like “tagforlikes” or “love”. These types of tags could attract anyone under the sun. You want to attract specific accounts, people that are interested in the type of music you create.

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