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YouTube Explosion Package Just Got Faster

If You Don’t Use YouTube, READ THIS.

YouTube is taking over the music industry.

According to Jimmy Iovine, founder of legendary “interscope records” – YouTube is responsible for 40% of music consumption.

It makes a lot of sense. Why would someone pay $1.29 for a song on I-tunes when they can access practically unlimited music on YouTube for free?

Clearly, YouTube has tremendous music marketing potential. However- as any new artist knows, getting noticed isn’t exactly easy. At any given moment, hundreds of thousands of people are consuming and uploading music.

So how exactly do you stand out in the chaos?

First, you have to understand how YouTube’s ranking system works. Basically, the more views, likes, and comments your video has- the higher it appears in YouTube’s search results. Additionally, the more backlinks your video has ( links from authority sites directing people toward your video), the higher it will be ranked on Google.

When you’re putting out original music, getting this done is no easy feat. The reason for this is that YouTube is a “search” based website, and if you’re relatively unknown- people don’t know what to search for!

Compare this situation to an uploader who posts a cover song of a recent radio hit. If it’s good, it’s quite likely the video will gain a large amount of traction since people are already searching for it.

At Social Turn Up, we understand the obstacles artists putting out original music face- and combat them with cutting edge marketing techniques. Recently, we rolled out our YouTube Explosion package, and have been helping artists rack up insane publicity on their videos.

Artists can’t get enough. The only complaint? Speed. Well, we listened and have since figured out a way to cut down our package delivery time to only 3 DAYS!

Here’s what you get for only $30

10 Custom Comments
100 + backlinks from authority web sites.

When you look at high ranked YouTube videos, you’ll notice that they are successful in ALL areas. In other words- you don’t see

Videos with tons of views, and few likes.
Videos with tons of likes, and no comments.
Videos with tons of comments, and few views.

That’s why we take a balanced approach to promotion. Here’s why Social Turn Up stands out from other music marketing services.


Comments: Other marketing services DO NOT offer custom comments like we do. That’s something we’re very proud of. Often times when you order comments- it will be something totally generic, and often written in poor English.

People notice that. You need to have comments that are specific to your music, and written by someone with great attention to detail.

Views: We give a shit about our reputation, and therefore never use bots. Ever. All views are 100% guaranteed to be actual human beings.

Backlinks: We post your link on 100+ websites (permanently), which will stack on even more organic views- long after your initial order has already been delivered.


We guarantee our package will skyrocket your ranking on both YouTube and Google’s indexes

(And in only 3 days!)

If you’re ready, we’ll bring you into the spotlight.

Just say the word.